How to get more TikTok followers: Easy tips for TikTok growth

Turbocharge your TikTok growth with simple tricks to help you get more followers for free.

Sandy Beeson
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TikTok is a global phenomenon that lets you connect with creators all around the world. Over a billion people use the app every single month. Which means growing on TikTok and getting more followers is just a tap, swipe, or scroll away.

But with great potential also comes big competition. It can make gaining followers on TikTok feel as daunting as trying to master the latest viral dance trend. Particularly if you're a fledgling creator just spreading your wings, or a seasoned TikToker who's hit a plateau.

This guide will show you how to get more followers on TikTok, whether you have 10 followers or 10,000. Find out why building your channel is as important as crafting the perfect video. And check out priceless tips that’ll have you ticking off those key follower milestones.

Power in numbers: Why having more TikTok followers matters

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TikTok helps you get discovered faster than ever before. Khaby Lame went from being a fresh face to having 160 million followers in just a couple of years. That’s more than the population of Mexico! But how do creators like Khaby reach these heights?

It’s all to do with how TikTok’s algorithm boosts the videos that keep people watching, creating a snowball effect that shares them far and wide. So how does having more followers help? It gives your new uploads a ready-made audience. And if the algorithm sees they like your content, it'll help you build momentum by showing your videos to even more people.

These new viewers are more likely to become new followers, which in turn helps the view count of your next video. And so the snowball of TikTok followers and views keeps growing! That’s why it pays to invest time into building an engaged following, because ultimately you’ll also increase your views too.

TikTok’s For You Page is your shortcut to getting more followers. If you can master its powerful algorithm, your videos could be served to millions around the world. To find out more, check out our guide to how TikTok works.

Hitting your first milestone: Get to 1,000 followers on TikTok

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So building up your TikTok followers is clearly a big deal. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to set your sights on getting to 1,000 followers as quickly as possible. Why? This is when you can join the Creator Next program and start turning your creativity into cash.

If you’re starting out on TikTok, 1,000 followers probably feels a long way off. But if you follow the tips below and tap into the power of the For You Page, your videos will get discovered in no time. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to joining the Creator Next program.

What is TikTok’s Creator Next?

Creator Next is TikTok's way of rewarding creators who are growing on the platform. Once you’ve hit 1,000 followers and racked up 1,000 views in the last 30 days, you’ll unlock the ability to earn cold hard cash from your content.

Once you've met the requirements to join Creator Next, head over to your Profile, navigate to Creator Tools and, voila, the option to join will appear!

Joining Creator Next propels you into the Creator Marketplace, where you can rub virtual shoulders with brands and potential collaborators. You also gain the ability to receive Video Gifts, LIVE Gifts, and Tips from your viewers. And once you've passed 10,000 followers, you can sign up for the Creator Fund to start earning money from your video views too.

How to get 1,000 followers on TikTok fast

Every TikToker wants to build up a following quickly! But remember that building a genuine, engaged following is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient, follow these tips and kickstart your follower growth.

🆕 Post consistently: Consistency is your secret weapon on TikTok. The more regularly you post, the more likely you are to catch the algorithm's eye and the attention of potential followers. TikTok royalty Charli D’Amelio posts daily, while others update their content a few times a week.

👋  Engage with other creators: TikTok is more than just a platform, it's a community. Reach out to other creators through likes, comments, duets, and shares. The more active you are with other creators, the more likely they’ll be to check out your videos.

🌊 Ride the trend wave: TikTok is a merry-go-round of trends. Hop onto the latest trending songs, hashtags, and challenges. It'll help your videos to feature on people’s For You Page and hopefully draw in new followers. Who knows, you might just create a viral sensation too!

👩‍🎤  Create original content: While trends can boost your profile's visibility, original content is your ticket to standing out. Share your unique take on popular songs, whip up mouth-watering culinary creations, or geek out about your latest tech obsession. Be unique, be you!

👥 Understand your audience: Knowing who you're creating for is the key to building an audience. Use TikTok's analytics to find out what your audience is into and tailor your content to match their tastes. After all, if your audience is expecting awesome cover versions of hit songs, they’ll likely tune out if you suddenly post WWE demos!

Scaling heights: How to grow your TikTok following for free

TikToker looking happy at growing their TikTok followers for free.

Whether you're a TikTok novice or a seasoned pro, you're likely to always be on the hunt for ways to boost your follower count. The tips we've already shared will set the wheels in motion, but continuing to grow on TikTok requires a bit of savvy.

The idea of visiting sites to buy TikTok followers might sound tempting, but it's a shortcut that simply doesn't pay off. TikTok's eagle-eyed algorithms can spot bought followers, and you'll lose them within a matter of days, leaving you with nothing but a lighter wallet!

To build sustainable growth that doesn't cost a penny, check out these strategies to keep your follower count ticking upwards.

#️⃣  Harness the power of hashtags: Hashtags are like breadcrumbs that lead potential followers to your content. They categorize your video, making them easier for TikTok users to discover. Use a mix of trending and niche-specific hashtags to cast your net wide. Who knows, using #catsoftiktok could catapult your feline friend to internet stardom!

🤝 Collaborate with other creators: Collaboration is the spice of TikTok life. By teaming up with other creators for duets or challenges, you open up a doorway to their follower base. Their followers could soon be double-tapping on your content too!

⌚️ Strike when the time is right: Timing is everything on TikTok. Aim to post when your audience is most active. TikTok's analytics can tell you when your followers are online, so you can make sure you’re posting when they’re more likely to watch right away.

🫶 Engage with your audience: TikTok is a two-way street. Respond to comments, connect with your followers, and thank them for their support. An engaged audience is more likely to share your content, showing TikTok's algorithm your videos are sparking conversations.

🤳  Quality is key: TikTok may be known for its authentic, unfiltered vibe, but that doesn't mean quality should take a backseat. Strive for good lighting, clear audio, and smooth editing to make your videos super watchable.

If you follow these simple steps, you can’t go far wrong. But growing on TikTok involves playing the long game, and it doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes it's good to know what you need to do if your TikTok strategy hits a snag.

Decoding the puzzle: Why you might not be gaining followers on TikTok

Examples of TikTokers looking at why they are not gaining TikTok followers.

Picture this: you've been posting regularly on TikTok, pouring creativity and energy into every video, but your follower count refuses to budge. Sound familiar? If you find yourself scratching your head and asking why you’re not gaining followers on TikTok, take a look at these common pitfalls and how you can avoid them.

🗓️  Inconsistent posting: TikTok thrives on consistency. If you're sporadic with your posts or don’t upload often enough, your visibility on the platform can take a nosedive. Make it a point to post more regularly. But remember, quality should never be sacrificed for quantity!

📺 Subpar video quality: Sure, TikTok is a mobile-first platform, but that doesn't mean users will settle for shaky camera work, poor lighting, or unclear sound. Take a leaf out of Bryce Hall's book. His comedy videos are super-relatable, requiring nothing more than clear camerawork and audio. No Hollywood budget needed!

😶‍🌫️ Neglecting your audience: Remember, TikTok is a social platform, not a one-man show. If you're not interacting with other users or replying to comments on your videos, you're missing chances to build relationships and gain followers. So, get social!

💫  Ignoring trends: While originality is king, completely missing trends can make your content feel disconnected. Keep your finger on the pulse of the TikTok community and take part in trends that are relevant to your videos. It can be a great way to drum up content inspiration!

🤷 Undefined niche: If your content is as varied as a bag of Jelly Bellys, potential followers might struggle to grasp what your channel’s about. Imagine posting a basketball trickshot one day and a yoga routine the next. These videos appeal to entirely different audiences, which could be confusing. Define your niche and create content that’ll resonate with your audience.

🫵 Forgetting to ask for follows: Sometimes, it's as simple as asking. Encourage viewers to follow you for more content like the video they just enjoyed. It's a small tweak that could potentially give your follower count a big boost!

In the world of TikTok, it's all about balancing consistency with quality, engagement with originality, and trends with niche-specific content. So keep posting, keep engaging, and most importantly, keep having fun creating awesome content!

Hitting the TikTok jackpot: Grow fast and get your videos seen

Creator looking happy at having grown their TikTok followers.

TikTok has opened the door for you to reach huge new global audiences, with its powerful For You Page picking out popular videos to serve directly to potential viewers. But once you’ve attracted an audience, you need to be doing everything you can to turn those viewers into loyal followers.

It's time to roll up your sleeves and create videos that are as addictive as the latest Netflix binge and leave viewers eagerly awaiting your next post. And once you hook in new viewers with your content, it's time to get social and build a thriving community.

It’s a simple recipe for TikTok success that’ll see your channel grow in no time. And if you’re looking to get more views on TikTok, you can check out an equally helpful guide to that too!

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