The 12 most profitable YouTube niches ranked by highest CPM

Discover the most profitable YouTube niches, explore the highest CPM niches and learn how to boost revenue with tips on maximizing your earnings.

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Want to maximize your earnings on YouTube? Learn what the most profitable YouTube niches are and you’ll give yourself the best chance to earn big bucks. That’s because the content you create massively affects how much money your channel makes.

It’s easy to find which niches make the most money. Simple identify which content generates the highest ad revenue, pulls in large audiences and attracts brands willing to pay top dollar. It’s the winning formula that’s seen YouTubers like Marques Brownlee and Emma Chamberlain build channels that make millions of dollars each year.

We’re here to help you earn more passive income with our list of the most profitable YouTube niches. Compare how profitable different types of content are and watch your YouTube profits soar.

How to find the most profitable YouTube niches

Examples of content that features on the most profitable YouTube niches, including travel, luxury goods and real estate.

No two YouTube videos make the same amount of money. So the earnings on offer from different types of YouTube content will also vary massively. It depends on things like audience engagement, advertiser demand, and even which country your viewers are from. 

If you want to earn big on YouTube, hero in on video ideas that attract high-paying advertisers willing to pay money to reach their target audience. Content that appeals to wealthier viewers, like luxury travel or high-end jewelry, is often targeted by advertisers with larger budgets, making them more profitable.

To help maximize your earnings, we’ve compiled insights from industry reports, online communities and top-earning creators to rank the most profitable YouTube niches. But before we jump in, let’s discover how to compare the amount different niches can make. This is where CPM and RPM come in.

CPM vs RPM: How to compare different YouTube niches

So how do you compare wildly different niches on YouTube? You need a simple method to see which niches will earn you the most money. The easiest way is to look at the ad revenue each one makes, which you can do by looking at CPM (Cost Per Mille) and RPM (Revenue Per Mille):

CPM: A measurement that shows how much advertisers will pay for 1,000 ad impressions on one of your videos. It’s a consistent measure of how much money your videos make purely from ad revenue. That’s because it doesn’t take into account other revenue streams, like merch or memberships.

RPM: A measure of the actual revenue you receive for every 1,000 views, after YouTube takes out its own share. This is individual to you and includes all revenue sources including channel memberships, Super Chat, and YouTube Premium revenue.

It’s worth remembering channels make completely different amounts, even if they’re in the same niche. For example, creators with millions of subscribers are likely to earn more money than smaller channels that have only just started monetizing their content. We’ve shared a range of CPM figures below, to give you an idea of what you might expect to earn.

How a lower CPM might actually earn you more

CPM is one way to see how profitable a YouTube niche is, but it only tells half the story. The money you make also depends on the size of the potential audience you can reach. Niches with a high CPM tend to have a much smaller audience size, which could limit your earnings.

Think of it like this: a luxury real estate creator in Norway might be looking at a CPM of $20 for their videos, but their tiny audience will limit their overall earnings. On the other hand, a globe-trotting travel creator will have a much larger audience. Despite a lower CPM of $10, they’re likely to earn more ad revenue.

The 12 most profitable YouTube niches revealed

Examples of content that features in the most profitable YouTube niches, including fitness, technology and ASMR.

Pick the right niche and you’ll open up huge earning potential on YouTube. To help you out, we put together this list of the most lucrative niches, each primed to attract the highest-paying advertisers and the largest audiences.

1. Entertainment and pop culture 🤩

Entertaining viewers on YouTube pays off big time. A huge chunk of YouTube’s billions of daily views come from videos designed to either entertain viewers or shine a light on popular culture. 

There’s tons of competition, but you could be looking at a CPM of around $6 to $12 if you can claim a slice of these views for yourself. While that’s smaller than other niches on this list, the sheer size of the audience means there are no limits to what you can earn.

There are so many opportunities for making awesome content too. Review the latest movies, TV shows and music. Have your say on what’s happening in the world of celebrity gossip. Or follow in Mr Beast’s footsteps and create entirely new formats to keep viewers hooked.

Example: Vanity Fair getting movie stars to take part in lie detector tests.

2. Beauty and fashion 💅

Why not carve out your own slice of the multi-billion dollar beauty and fashion industry? There are tons of brands willing to pay a CPM around $5 to $15 in order to get in front of YouTube’s mammoth audience of trend-hunters.

It’s worth considering that high end beauty products and luxury fashion brands are likely to attract a higher CPM than their mainstream equivalents. But popular formats like showing off your fashion haul and reviews of the latest beauty products are more likely to fetch a larger audience.

Example: Emma Chamberlain taking viewers behind the scenes during Fashion Week in Milan and Paris.

3. Technology reviews 🤳

Tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest gadgets and software. And when you consider the hefty price tags you often get with new products, it’s clear there’s money to be made in tech content.

Reviews and unboxing videos from tech creators can expect to attract CPMs in the region of $10 to $20. Plus, you might even find yourself receiving some freebies if you build a large enough platform.

Example: Marques Brownlee reviewing every single Samsung Galaxy S.

4. B2B (business-to-business) content 👨‍💼

Videos tailored for business professionals are a big money spinner. B2B content like software reviews and marketing strategies command high CPMs of $15 to $30. Which means that If you aim your content at a high value audience of professionals, you’re likely to attract healthy amounts of ad spend.

To reach the highest CPMs, focus on B2B content that’ll make viewers money. Teach your audience how to create their own website or get started in ecommerce and you’ll attract enterprising viewers to your channel. Once you’ve built an audience who are looking to get ahead in business, the highest-paying advertisers will follow.

Example: GaryVee shares social media marketing strategies aimed at small and medium businesses on his channel.

5. Finance and investing 🏦

Help your audience to make money and you’ll boost your own earnings too. Channels that offer advice on finance and investing see high CPMs ranging from $12 to $25. That’s because this niche typically attracts viewers interested in saving, investing and managing money. Exactly the audience banks and investment platforms want to reach.

Why not maximize your earnings and target higher value content? Venture capital in Silicon Valley appeals to a more affluent audience than everyday money-saving tips. Look for opportunities more likely to attract higher-paying advertisers.  

Example: Andrei Jikh’s insights on how to become a millionaire on a low income attract tons of viewers looking to boost their finances.

6. Health and fitness 🏃

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is big business, with a huge potential audience of repeat viewers. It’s why wellness brands will pay a CPM of around $7 to $15 to appear next to workouts, fitness routines and healthy eating tutorials.

Look out for opportunities to tailor your content to companies like fitness equipment manufacturers, health supplement suppliers, and activewear clothing brands. Consider product reviews of relevant gear and see if you can attract brands that want to partner with your channel.

Example: Blogilates sharing a pilates and weight lifting workout.

7. Real estate 🏘️

Consider yourself a real estate guru? If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the housing market, you can attract lucrative ads from real estate companies and property service providers. Channels that provide insights into the real estate market, property investment, and home improvement attract CPMs around $8 to $20.

Remember, videos explaining how to make money from real estate will attract the kind of savvy viewers advertisers are looking for. Content that breaks down how to maximize property investment will make more advertising revenue than a simple how-to for putting up shelves.

Example: Graham Stephan explaining what a housing crash is and when the next one is likely to happen.

8. Travel and lifestyle ✈️

When looking for escapism, viewers head to YouTube for exotic travel content and glimpses of holiday destinations. Travel brands are keen to tap into viewers already dreaming of their next vacation and will shell out CPMs of around $5 to $10 to advertise alongside this type of content.

You don’t need to head around the world to become a travel creator either. We’ve put together a list of travel content ideas that could pay off for your channel, including ones closer to home that won’t require a passport.

Example: Kara and Nate staying at the world’s most expensive underwater hotel.

There’s an art to breaking down complicated topics into short, simple videos. If you can explain complex legal concepts in layman’s terms, you’ll attract viewers looking to understand them better.

People seeking legal advice are exactly the audience high-paying advertisers, like law firms and insurance companies, are looking for. Which is why they’re happy to pay a CPM between $10 to $20 to advertise alongside your videos.

Example: Law By Mike offering advice on how to get out of a traffic ticket.

10. Luxury lifestyles 💎

Luxury brands will pay a premium to reach an affluent audience. Build an audience of potential high rollers with significant purchasing power and brands will pay top dollar to get in front of them. By showcasing a high-end lifestyle of luxury cars, homes and holidays, you can expect a CPM for your content of $16 to $20.

Example: ProducerMichael being shown some of the most expensive watches in the world.

11. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) 👂

People flock to YouTube to enjoy relaxing ASMR videos. They help audiences relieve stress and get to sleep. Which is why companies that offer wellness, mental health, and sleep-related products are willing to pay a CPM of $7 to $15 to get in front of ASMR audiences.

ASMR videos have become a part of people’s daily routine. In fact, you’ll find Google searches for ‘ASMR’ peak every single day between 9-11pm. Tapping into these consistent viewing habits will give you a reliable, regular income.

Example: ASMR SOAP shared an hour-long compilation showing how strangely satisfying cracking plasticine is.

12. Education and online tutorials 📚

Who hasn’t headed to YouTube when they need a quick tutorial or help with learning a new subject? A wide range of educational topics are covered, no matter how niche they are. This means educational content appeals to an equally broad range of advertisers willing to pay a CPM of between $4 to $10.

If you want to earn big, consider which topics will fetch the most ad revenue. Content made for children features fewer ads and will generate less revenue as a result. On the other hand, DIY home renovation and car repair tutorials that highlight high-value gear will likely pay more.

Example: CrashCourse giving an in-depth hour-long lecture on what tuberculosis is.

5 tips for maximizing your earnings in high CPM niches

Image of a creator filming a video for a high CPM YouTube niche.

You now have a good idea of the channels that will make your channel the most money. But there’s always ways to improve your chances of earning the top-end CPM in your chosen corner of YouTube. Read on for the most important tips for ensuring your content stands out to viewers and appeals to those all-important advertisers.

  1. Commit to making high-quality, engaging content:

Your channel is your brand. The better your production is, the more appealing it becomes to both viewers and advertisers. High-quality visuals and sound will make a huge difference in retaining viewers and attracting more subscribers. So you might want to invest in equipment and editing software that’ll bring your videos up to a professional standard.

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  1. Reach more people by using SEO:

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your content get discovered by more people, increasing both your views and potential ad revenue. It takes just a few simple additions to every upload and can make a huge difference when it comes to reaching new audiences.

Use relevant keywords, compelling titles, and accurate tags to improve your video’s visibility in search results. Don’t forget to optimize your video descriptions, and include timestamps to enhance the user experience and searchability. You can get a full run-down of how keywords can boost your view counts in our guide to YouTube SEO.

  1. Turn your audience into an engaged community:

A dedicated community is more likely to watch your content and earn you precious ad revenue. Regular viewers will watch videos in full, share them, and might even support you through memberships or Super Chats.

To foster a loyal community, make sure to engage with viewers through comments, live streams and social media. This makes your audience feel valued and more connected to your channel. It’s an investment into your audience that’ll pay off in the long run.

  1. Find the high value niche within a niche:

Every YouTube niche contains certain topics that attract a higher CPM than others. Adopt the mindset of an advertiser and spot the content opportunities that attract the highest value audience.

How do you do that? Consider which brands will pay more to appear next to videos in your niche and tailor your content for their audience. For example, a gym equipment brand is more likely to advertise alongside a channel that features gear in its workouts than one that doesn’t. Taking this advertiser-first approach will help you tap into more opportunities to earn ad revenue.

  1. Draw up a hitlist of your ideal brands to partner with:

Who are your dream brands to work alongside and are they marketing on YouTube? Consider ways you could tweak your videos so there’s more crossover between your audience and theirs.

Thinking like this will give you a better chance of aligning with your dream advertisers and could set your channel up for lucrative partnerships later down the road. Just remember, authenticity is key. A product or service you genuinely believe in will resonate better with your viewers.

Choose a high CPM YouTube niche and see your earnings soar

Image of a content creator looking happy in front of examples of high CPM YouTube niches.

The type of content you create will have a huge impact on your YouTube earnings. Brands want to tap into your audience and are willing to pay a wide range of CPMs to appear alongside your videos. Pick the right niche and you’ll soon cash in.

Once you identify a niche that attracts high-paying advertisers, you’ll be able to turn your passion into a sustainable income source. And remember, ad revenue isn’t the only way to earn from your channel. Head to our guide on YouTube monetization to check out different ways to make money on YouTube.

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