How to find the perfect wedding video songs

Match the vibe of the big day by discovering the best wedding video songs that'll make your content memorable.

Shane McKenna
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Many couples choose to capture their wedding with a video celebrating and recording the priceless memories from their special day. If this is something you're planning, finding wedding video songs that perfectly complement the day’s emotions will play a big part in making your video stand out.

Each couple’s wedding day is unique and you could sift through tons of music before you find the perfect song. Equally, you don’t want to use music from anywhere and run the risk of copyright issues. It doesn’t bear thinking about the prospect of the precious memento being taken down by YouTube’s Content ID system because you used a Black Eyed Peas track!

We’re here to guide you through the journey of finding the perfect soundtrack for any wedding video. Regardless of whether you’re capturing an elaborate ceremony or an intimate gathering, we’ll help you set the right tone with the perfect wedding video songs for your edit.

Can you use any song for a wedding video?

The first step to soundtracking your wedding video is to work out which music you can and can’t use. Naturally you’ll be tempted to feature the song used for the newlywed's first dance. Or the track that got everyone to the dancefloor! But using copyrighted music without permission can lead to legal issues.

It's unlikely you'll be able to get permission from wedding playlist staples like ABBA or Justin Timberlake. But there are still loads of great options out there. For starters, some of the most recognizable wedding music, like Pachelbel’s Canon, predates copyright and is totally fair game. But navigating the world of public domain music can be tricky.

Your best bet for finding tracks safe to use in wedding videos is to head to a copyright-free music library like Uppbeat. Here you’ll find a huge collection of awesome wedding songs, including entire playlists dedicated to celebrating the big day!

Choosing music to suit any wedding video

When planning any wedding, song selection plays a pretty important part. And it should play a major role in your wedding videos too. So when setting the tone for your highlight reel,  remember to choose songs that fit the style and theme of the wedding.

For example, if you’re editing footage from a lively wedding party, cutting it to an emotive piece of piano music is going to seem pretty strange. That’s why we’ve created  a collection of wedding playlists on Uppbeat, to help you easily find a soundtrack to match the vibe of the day.

The pro's choice

Want to know how the pros go about finding the perfect wedding songs? We’ve teamed up with Matt Johnson, one of YouTube’s biggest wedding filmographers, to bring you an exclusive playlist of the perfect copyright-free wedding music on Uppbeat.

Check out Matt’s hand-picked selections and get inspiration for every part of the big day. You’ll find intimate folk songs for walking down the aisle, right through to bouncy electro-pop to soundtrack a wild reception.

Download the perfect copyright-free wedding music, hand-selected by YouTuber Matt Johnson.

Visit the Wedding Selects playlist

Classical music for making an entrance

Sometimes you simply can’t beat the classics. Add a touch of timeless sophistication to your traditional wedding video with sweeping string arrangements and moving classical compositions. An elegant accompaniment for grand entrances, spectacular ceremonies, and special moments.

Add a touch of timeless sophistication and download royalty-free classical wedding music.

Visit the Classical Wedding playlist

Boho anthems for unique weddings

Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone. Couples are increasingly opting for the laid-back feel of a boho wedding, with unique venues and unconventional ceremonies.

But a boho wedding needs a different approach when it comes to music. For couples that celebrate their individuality, consider matching their vibe with a stylish collection of acoustic tracks and folksy Americana.

Listen to acoustic tracks and folksy Americana, available to download for wedding videos.

Visit the Boho Wedding playlist

Sentimental soundtracks for emotional moments

Let’s face it, weddings often get emotional. And a good wedding video is going to make people cry! When it comes to switching on the waterworks, music is arguably one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Pair touching moments with emotive music that’ll have people reaching for a tissue. Uplifting folk tracks to soundtrack happy tears. Sentimental piano pieces for intimate moments. Pick the right soundtrack and you'll make people well up at those magical moments!

Pair touching moments with sentimental copyright-free music, available to download.

Visit the Sentimental Ceremony playlist

Add elegance with piano music

There are few things more intimate than two people committing to each other. Captivating piano music can be the perfect accompaniment to making that lifelong promise. So if you’re looking for a sentimental choice to add emotional depth to your edit, moving pieces of piano music will do the trick.

Add emotional depth to your wedding video with royalty-free piano music.

Visit the Wedding Piano playlist

Chill beats for wedding vlogs

Often wedding videos are all about creating a polished production that perfectly captures the day. But sometimes the most authentic way of documenting the wedding day is with a vlog. They’re easier to shoot and edit, and can create a truer reflection of the day.

When you’re editing a vlog, it’s best to let the footage be the focal point and use an understated soundtrack. With that in mind, stylish lofi beats and sentimental indie folk will provide the ideal backing for your behind-the-scenes footage and candid moments.

Listen to our selection of stylish lofi beats and sentimental indie folk, available to download.

Visit the Chill Wedding Vlog playlist

Wrap up your edit with wedding party bangers

When everyone’s having a good time, it’s only right to pair celebratory scenes with an upbeat soundtrack. Match the energy of dancefloor footage with a fun-fueled playlist of electro-pop. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your edit as the party continues into the early hours.

Match the energy of the dancefloor and download copyright-free electro-pop for your wedding video.

Visit the Wedding Party playlist

Discover your perfect wedding video songs

You don’t need us to tell you that selecting the perfect soundtrack for a wedding video is a pretty big deal. Choosing the right tracks can truly elevate an incredible memento of the special day. Hopefully now you have a ton of ideas and you’re closer to finding the perfect wedding songs.

Each wedding is as individual as the happy couple themselves, and there’s tons of great copyright-free music to match any vibe. Match those tearjerker moments with moving classical music. Let the happy couple take center stage with understated indie folk. Add party anthems to capture the celebratory mood.

Whichever vibe you’re looking for, you can easily find the perfect music for any wedding video on Uppbeat. We’ve carefully curated our wedding playlists to help you discover and download the ideal soundtrack in minutes. So explore Uppbeat’s copyright-free wedding music library and create a magical video for the big day.

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