The 15 best sound effect packs you can legally download for free in 2024

Save time by exploring our hand-selected collections of sound effects, ready-made to enhance your videos.

Jamie Chambers

Sound effects play a big part in your edits, turning a good video into something unforgettable. Individual sound effects are great for unique moments, but layering a collection of similar sounds throughout your videos can be a powerful way to improve your content and immerse your audience. Which is where sound effect packs come in.

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Sound effect packs are curated collections of similar sound effects that you can download and use in your videos. Being able to download a bank of ready-to-go sound effects saves you trawling around for individual clips, and enables you to enhance the vibe of your videos with similar sounds.

Just think about how Marques Brownlee uses cinematic clips and tech sounds to bring his Dope Tech series to life. Or how animation experts Corridor Crew are masters of using Hollywood-style whooshes to give their videos a big budget sheen. They’ve used different sound effects to create a signature sound, and the great thing is you can do it too.

But if you’ve ever looked at sound effect packs before, you’ll know there are tons of options to choose from and they can often be wildly expensive. Thankfully there are hundreds of free sound effects available to download on Uppbeat and we’ve done the hard work by curating a wide collection of sound kits based on our creators’ favorite sounds.

Read on to discover the most popular sound effect packs or simply skip to the ones you need and start downloading them for free on Uppbeat.

The 15 best sound effect packs for creators in 2024

Creator looking at tiles for different sound effect packs for adding a certain vibe to their video.

1. Bring zen vibes to relaxing videos

Create a calming ambience in your edits with relaxing wind chimes, Tibetan bowls and the sound of flowing water. Explore our Wellness sound kit to discover sound effects ideally suited to meditative and relaxing content.

2. Make content sound super cute

Explore a heart-warming collection of baby sounds and toys squeaking, the purr of a cat and a puff of magic. If your content embraces the cuter side of life, match your footage with a sweet selection of sound effects in our Cute Aesthetic sound kit.

3. Take viewers on a sci-fi adventure

Discover whoosh sound effects that bring to mind sci-fi classics from yesteryear, along with robot sounds and alien signals to add to your edits. Whatever your adventure, you’ll find clips to match in our Sci-fi sound kit.

4. Show your silly side with fun sounds

Throw some fun into your edit with record scratches, slide whistles and the classic ba-dum tss. Or go for the classic fart sound effect, one of the top searches by creators! For light-hearted and fun edits, there’s no harm in going over the top with the Silly & Random sound kit.

5. Make your horror content extra scary

Build tension with creepy strings before spooking your viewers with the sound of a jump scare. It couldn’t be easier to bring a Hitchcock-style horror vibe to your videos with scary sound effects. So find different ways to give your audience the creeps with our Horror sound kit.

6. Tap into childhood nostalgia with cartoon sound effects

Jump into a treasure trove of timeless cartoon staples, including harp sweeps for romantic moments, boing sound effects to emphasize slapstick comedy, and so much more. Evoke the classic feel of Looney Tunes and Disney with our collection of cartoon sound effects.

Examples of video content that uses literal sounds from sound effect packs.

7. Create a homely vibe with sounds from around the house

Add familiar household noises to your edits with the Domestic sound kit. Use the sound of furious typing or a clock ticking to bring a sense of urgency to content. Or for those genuine, everyday moments, why not add the hum of a vacuum cleaner, the click of a light switch, or the chime of a doorbell sound effect.

8. Make food content that sounds as delicious as it looks

Want to make your audience salivate? Excite all of their senses with the enticing sizzle of the grill or a pan gently bubbling. Explore our Food & Cooking sound kit to find all the sounds of the kitchen, whatever you’re cooking up.

9. Hear arts & crafts videos come to life

Discover sounds from the crafts cupboard, including the scribble of pencils and cutting paper, right through to snapping wood and tightening wrenches. Pair your artistic prowess or your mastery of DIY with clips to match from the Craft sound kit.

10. Experiment with science-inspired clips

Discover the sounds of the laboratory with bubbling beakers, electrical zaps, or even a siren sound effect for when things go really wrong! The Science sound kit has been concocted to match all of your experiments and discoveries.

11. Ramp up the game day atmosphere

Build tension with quickening heartbeats. Shower sporting villains with boos and whistles. Or punctuate action with golf swings, the bounce of a basketball, and loads more literal sounds from the world of sports. Make the crowd go wild with the Sports sound kit.

Image of a video being edited with the addition of sounds from sound effect packs for creators.

12. Highlight key moments with pops & dings

Grab your audience’s attention and highlight key moments with the Pops & Dings sound kit. Download ding sound effects to use alongside phone notifications and lightbulb moments. Use pop sound effects alongside big reveals and subscriber buttons. Explore a wide range of sound effects and see how they can elevate your edits.

13. Connect with your audience using voice clips

Make your punchlines stand out with a laughing sound effect. Punctuate shocking moments with a scream sound effect. Or explore a whole catalog of popular sayings and movie phrases. Add depth, emotion and relatability to your content with the Voice Clips sound kit.

14. Give your branding extra pop

Make your eye-catching title sequence and logos pop even more with accompanying clips from the Logo & Idents sound kit. Keep it snappy with short clips like a halo glint or a quick whoosh. Or go for something more professional with a range of idents and jingles, from glitchy electronica through to emotive piano.

15. The essential Creator sound kit for any project

Discover a range of swoosh sound effects to pair with transitions in your content. Explore clicks and camera shutters to complement your footage. And find inspiration from an array of classic sound effects used by creators of all kinds. The Creator sound kit contains the most commonly used clips and provides an essential toolkit for any project.

Top tips: How to use sound effect packs to boost your views and video engagement

Image of a creator considering how they can use sound effect packs in their video content.

Ever watched your favorite creator and noticed they always seem to have the perfect sound effects? You can be sure photography YouTuber Peter McKinnon has got a bank of camera clicks ready to roll and he knows exactly how to use them.

There’s an art to knowing how to use sound effects and most creators will build up their most frequently used clips over time. Once you’ve found the perfect sound effect packs for your project, here’s just a couple of ways you can use them.

Improve your view duration by hooking people from the start

Your intro is the crucial first impression, with sound effects as your secret weapon for grabbing people’s attention and keeping them watching. Kick things off with a bang (literally!) and watch your watch times soar.

Encourage audience reactions and watch your engagement climb

Build that bond with your audience and give them extra context by using sound effects that drive your story home. Why not add a cheeky laughter track or sad violins? They’re not just sounds, they’re emotion boosters that will amp up engagement on your videos.

Discover more ways to get creative with sound effect packs by checking out our guide on how to use sound effects.

Use sound effect packs to create the right vibe for your videos

Image of a creator in a video surrounded by examples of different sound effect packs.

As you can see, a sound effect pack can be an invaluable timesaver for creators who are looking to find the perfect clips quickly. Having a ready-made collection of sound effects that work in your videos will help to immerse your audience and improve your content too.

You already know the vibe you’re aiming for with your videos, so dive straight into Uppbeat’s carefully curated sound kits. Bring your videos to life with sound effects that match your footage and play around with the different ways you can get creative. A well-executed laughter track or whoosh can take your content to another level.

Sound effects are a surefire way to keep your audience watching and enjoying your videos. Use them well and you’ll seriously boost your channel too. So head over to the Uppbeat Sound Effects library and see how you can start improving your content.

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