19 meme sound effects to edit into your YouTube videos

Discover the most popular meme sound effects with content creators and find out how you can use them in your videos.

Jamie Chambers
Illustration of different meme sound effects used by content creators.

Meme sound effects are everywhere! You’ll hear them every day on your favorite YouTube channels, podcasts, and even in WhatsApp messages from your mum. The unique language of iconic meme sounds has changed the way we communicate. Especially when it comes to creating content

Using instantly recognizable audio clips is a great way to connect with your audience. But there’s a balance between keeping content fresh with the perfect memes, or picking the wrong sounds and making your audience cringe!

With tons of choice and the potential risk of copyright claims too, there’s truly an art to using meme sound effects. So we’re here to make your life easier with the 19 most popular meme sound effects on Uppbeat. Read on to find out which clips our community of content creators are downloading and how you can introduce them to your videos too.

When to use meme sound effects in your videos

Examples of meme sound effects that can be used in videos by content creators, such as champagne bottle corks and cash registers..

So many creators turn to sound effects to zhuzh up their videos. Mr Beast loves peppering his content with his trademark ka-ching whenever he’s giving out the big bucks. And That Little Puff’s attempts at life hacks are littered with recognizable clips!

If you’re not used to adding meme sound effects to your videos, you might be unsure on how best to use them. We’ve got you covered with tips to get you started below. And once you get on-board, spicing up your content with iconic sounds will soon become second nature.

They can highlight your biggest wins, add a touch of comedy to funny moments, and help to ramp up the drama. Of course, going overboard with sound effects can make things a little chaotic for your viewers. But generally, if you want to highlight an important moment in your video, there’ll be an ideal meme sound effect to match it!

🚨 Make sure you avoid copyright issues

You may have come across loads of meme soundboards out there, each promising a huge variety of well-known sound effects. The problem is these are often ripped straight out of popular videos, TV shows and films. You can’t always be sure they’re copyright-free!

Downloading the wrong clips could leave you at risk of copyright claims, loss of monetization, or even having your videos taken down. It doesn’t need to be that way though! Steer clear of issues by downloading copyright-free sound effects from Uppbeat’s library.

Illustrations of meme sound effects available for content creators to download from Uppbeat for their videos.

With seemingly endless sound effects to choose from and infinite ways to incorporate them into your videos, you’ve got a lot of options. But there are certain clips content creators come back to time and time again.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the sound effects downloaded the most by our community of over one million content creators. See which clips are downloaded from Uppbeat more than any others and discover different ways you can include them in your videos.

Iconic hip hop sounds for badass moments 😎

1. Bring some Dr Dre-style attitude to your videos with Thug Life music. The perfect way to highlight bold wins and those times when you just want to strut like a boss!

Celebratory fanfare for big wins 💸

2. Revel in your very own red carpet moments with Hollywood fanfare. Perfect for highlighting those moments when you’re a prize-winning star!

3. The ka-ching of a cash register is one of the most recognizable clips you can add to your footage, whether you’re in the money or giving it out like you’re Mr Beast.

Classic clips to soundtrack epic fails 🤬

4. One of the most popular sound effects is the censor beep. Ideal for when somebody says something they shouldn’t. Which must happen a lot as it's the most downloaded sound effect on Uppbeat!

5. The classic trumpet ‘wa wa wa’ is an instant way to make slapstick moments extra funny for viewers. It’ll add a touch of comedy to slips, trips, and playful pranks!

6. The piercing sound of a gameshow buzzer is a super effective way to show how wrong someone is! It’s equally effective as part of a quiz or pointing out when somebody’s talking nonsense!

Cringe-worthy clips for awkward moments 😳

7. For awkward moments, adding the sound of far-off crickets to your footage will have your audience cringing along with you. That’s if you’re brave enough to include them in your content!

Examples of Uppbeat's playlists of sound effects for content creators.

Bring the hype with bold sound effects 🤘

8. Unleash your inner rock god and get your audience hyped with a heavy metal guitar lick. It’s a surefire way to dial up the attitude of your content and show viewers you’re pumped up!

Suspense-filled sounds to build anticipation 🥁

9. Nothing builds expectation like the universally-recognized sound of a drum roll! Use it for footage where there’s a big reveal to really ramp up the audience’s excitement.

Dramatic clips for when you’re on the spot ⏱️

10. The sound of a stopwatch ticking immediately makes viewers painfully aware of the passing of time. It’s well-used in Hollywood blockbusters to amplify boredom or build tension!

11. Add a touch of primetime drama to your content with tense game show music. It’s the perfect accompaniment for those times when you’re drawing a blank!

Whimsical sound effects for dreamy content 🪄

12. Create a sense of Disney-like wonder to your videos by adding a magic wand sparkle. Lot’s of Uppbeat’s creators are using it for enchanting reveals and transformations.

13. Make your viewers feel extra zen! Relaxing content and spiritual videos work especially well with the tranquil ambience wind chimes bring to footage.

Examples of Uppbeat's playlists of sound effects for content creators.

Tension-building audio for anxious moments 😬

14. The close-up sound of a heart beating can intensify your video and quicken pulses! You’ll hear heartbeats used across film and TV, so why not drop them in your content too.

Heavenly clips to pair with saintly moments 😇

15. Have your viewers drifting up to Heaven’s gates with the gentle strum of a harp. It’s the perfect audio addition for when someone’s being an absolute angel!

Dramatic sounds to punctuate WTF moments 🤯

16. Stop your video in its tracks with a vinyl record scratchy stop and highlight moments where you could hear a pin drop! It’s a great way to disrupt content and grab the attention of your viewers.

Celebrate successes with correct answer clips 👏

17. Sprinkle some magic onto your footage with a cutesy twinkle sound effect. It’s a whimsical way of highlighting when someone’s right. Or how much of a goody two-shoes they are!

18. A level up sound effect will give your content a retro arcade game vibe, whether you’ve overcome a challenge or taken on a boss. One that works especially well for gamers.

19. One of the simplest and most iconic sound effects is the humble bell ding. It’s an easy and effective way to show viewers you’ve got something spot on!

How to edit meme sound effects into your videos

Image of a content creator using different sound effects in their video.

Finding the right sound effects to give your content extra oomph is half the battle. You also need to edit audio clips into your video, and thankfully there’s just three easy steps to remember:

  1. Download sound effects from Uppbeat - Searching Uppbeat’s sound effects library is a breeze. Once you’ve found the perfect clip, it’s as simple as hitting download to get your audio file.
  2. Drop your audio into your video - Open up your edit and drop your audio clips in. It’s always a good idea to label each sound effect so you can quickly make changes later on if you need to.
  3. Adjust the audio and sync to the footage - Match your sound effect with the footage you’re looking to pair it with. Then you can adjust the volume to make sure it fits with the rest of your edit, and consider using fade to make sure your clip doesn’t disrupt the audio by suddenly jumping in.

Stay on-trend and embrace meme sound effects

Meme image 'Success Kid' in front of Uppbeat's library of sound effects for content creators.

Sound effects are perfect for punctuating your memorable moments and making your videos more engaging for viewers. Now you know which sound effects are proving popular with other content creators, it’s time to try them out!

Build up anticipation in your intro with a dramatic heartbeat. Pair your video’s big twist with a sudden vinyl record stop. Add in some Thug Life music for when you’re feeling like a champion.

However you wish to embrace meme sound effects, the first step is to visit Uppbeat’s sound effects library to find kick-ass clips you can download for your next video!

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