Music for travel videos: Find the best background songs for your travel content

See how you can find the perfect soundtrack for your travel content without worrying about copyright issues.

Shane McKenna
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Millions of creators are seizing the moment by filming their travel experiences to share with the world. And one thing that unites all these intrepid creators is the time spent finding music for travel videos. Because you should never settle for a second-rate soundtrack for your stunning footage.

It’s why travel creators of all types are constantly searching for killer soundtracks, no matter their niche. Everyone from glamorous Instagrammers creating Reels of jetsetting luxury, right through to vlogging backpackers roughing it in all terrains.

On top of that is the challenge of finding music you can safely use in your videos. After all, the last thing you need when you have patchy internet access or you’re enduring a mammoth bus journey is to see your content has lost monetization!

To help you protect your channel and find your ideal soundtrack, we’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the Uppbeat catalog. We’ll guide you through finding the best music for travel videos and steer you clear of pesky copyright claims.

Find the best travel music for your video

Examples of different travel creators across Instagram Reels, YouTube and TikTok alongside images taken from related Uppbeat travel music playlists.

Music plays a vital role in setting the scene for your content. It’s an essential travel companion for any footage filmed in far-flung destinations. No matter if you’re sharing the lively vibes of a beach party or a serene mountain vista, the right soundtrack will complement the visuals and create an immersive experience for your audience.

But with a world of choice out there, it’s sometimes tricky knowing where to start your search for music that fits your footage. Which is why Uppbeat has created a library dedicated to travel creators, featuring specially curated collections of music that’ll take your content to National Geographic levels of awesome. Read on to discover the different ways you can find your perfect sound.

Immerse your audience with authentic beats from around the world

Image of a speaker on a tropical beach and an anime-style pagoda to represent different Uppbeat travel music playlists.

Some sounds will instantly transport your viewers to certain parts of the world. It’s a powerful tool that’ll immediately add even more authenticity to your content. Think Middle Eastern Grooves conjuring images of camelback rides, or Gypsy Swing giving your footage a European flavor.

When you find the perfect music to match the vibe of a place you have visited, it becomes that much easier to immerse your audience and make them feel like they were with you every step of the way. A great example is Kara and Nate who used Japanese lofi beats to soundtrack their 24 hour vlog in the country, tapping into the chilled-out vibes of visiting cherry blossom-lined parks. 

You could take a leaf out of Mikki Tenazas's book, using sunny slabs of tropical house to bring party vibes to his guide to the stunning beaches of the Maldives. Or simply search through our Global Grooves playlist to find uplifting beats, similar to those in Kombi Life's van life vlog from Ireland. Find the beats that match your video and take viewers on an auditory journey with you.

Soundtrack epic moments with adventure-inspired playlists

Image of a man on a mountain and a different man walking through a jungle to represent different Uppbeat travel music playlists.

Take a leaf out of Hollywood’s book and pair stunning visuals with a blockbuster soundtrack. Like how Eva zu Beck matches dramatic frozen vistas with captivating cinematic music during her trip to the Arctic Circle. The epic soundtrack elevates the footage and enhances the feeling of awe felt by viewers.

Tracks that’ll get your audience on the edge of their seat are great too. TikToker Jacob Riglin uses big energy EDM to mirror his adrenaline-fuelled skydiving clips, and you can do the same by exploring our Adrenaline Rush playlist full of big beats. 

Or why not check out our Off the Beaten Path collection to discover experimental beats that work well with unique, remote locations. Kristen & Siya use these kinds of left field sounds to memorable effect, pairing blissed-out electronica with their camping trip in the Canadian wilderness. It’s all about experimenting with music that mirrors the energy and mood of your adventures, so give it a try!

Match urban edits with music from that city

Image of a carnival dancer in Rio de Janeiro and two musicians on a street in Barcelona to represent different Uppbeat travel music playlists.

Every city has its soundtrack, and matching your edits with these musical styles immediately gives your video added authenticity. Say for example, you’ve filmed some Casey Neistat-style shots of New York, you already know your fast-cut edit will work well with cool lofi beats.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together dedicated playlists to suit a whole range of cities from around the world. If you’re following in Grrrltraveler’s footsteps and planning an urban Indian adventure, you can dive straight into our Mumbai Bustle collection. Or you can find the perfect Parisian soundtrack if you’re taking a romantic city break like takemyhearteverywhere.

Bring your content to life with music inspired by different landscapes

Separate images of a waterfall and a desert to represent different Uppbeat travel music playlists.

Some of the most successful travel creators are known for capturing jaw-dropping footage of stunning vistas. You’ll often find they elevate beautiful natural landscapes with equally evocative music.

Take how Sorelle Amore used reflective cinematic music to soundtrack her exploration of the serene coastline of Yemen. Or look at the way Fearless & Far used uplifting beats to wrap up their extraordinary video of camping under Africa’s second largest waterfall. By selecting a soundtrack to complement your visuals, you’ll create a truly immersive experience for your audience and allow your footage to shine.

Respect local cultures by using traditional music

Image of a celtic-style tree and a flamenco dancer to represent different Uppbeat travel music playlists.

Creating great travel content is as much about capturing the essence of a place as it is showcasing amazing locations. By weaving traditional music into your videos, you add a layer of cultural depth and offer your viewers an immersive auditory experience that enhances the visual narrative.

Yes Theory are masters of this technique. For example, they used traditional Japanese music to immediately set the scene for their sumo house experience and exploration of its cultural significance. While both Flying The Nest and Drew Binsky use distinctly Indian sounds to immediately place their videos, despite highlighting very different aspects of the country’s culture.

Find the perfect soundtrack for your travel videos with Uppbeat

Image of different badges on a piece of luggage, including badges that replicat the imagery used on Uppbeat travel music playlists.

When it comes to choosing the right music for your travel content, it can be tricky knowing where to start. Do you hunt down songs for travel videos which fit the local culture? Do you try to match the vibe of the footage? Or perhaps just find yourself some banging beats?

To help make your search hassle-free, Uppbeat has a designated section of our platform dedicated to music for travel videos. Our specially curated music collections reflect the diverse ways travel creators look for the perfect track, meaning you can dive into beats of the world, discover specific city vibes, or find a mood to match your edit.

Best of all, you don’t need to worry about the threat of copyright claims and losing monetization with our library packed full of copyright-free gems which are safe to use in your travel videos. And once you’ve found your ideal sound, simply hit download and add a credit to your video description. It’s quick and easy, leaving you with more time to make awesome content and explore the world.

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