Gaming music for creators: Find a gaming soundtrack that's safe to use in your videos

See how gaming music can take viewers to the heart of the action and transport them to your gaming universe.

Sandy Beeson
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If you’re a gaming content creator, you’re not alone. There are well over 40 million creators exploring games as varied as Zelda, Call of Duty and Minecraft. But if one thing unites the whole community, it’s the need to find gaming music that’s safe to use in your content.

After all, the music you use matters. Picking the right soundtrack will improve your content and transport viewers to your gaming universe. But if you use the wrong gaming music, you risk having YouTube videos taken down or your Twitch stream muted.

So to keep your video game content safe from copyright worries, we’ve put together this guide to finding awesome gaming music for your content. Jump in and discover how to find your ideal gaming soundtrack from our catalog of royalty-free music on Uppbeat.


Remember, you need permission to use music in your videos or you’ll run the risk of copyright claims. Don’t be tempted to use music from your favorite games and play it safe by downloading copyright-free music.

Level up gaming content with music from Uppbeat 

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Finding the perfect music for your gaming content is easy with Uppbeat and its awesome library of copyright-free music. Our catalog team has brought together the finest musicians from around the world to build a library of awesome copyright-free music to suit all types of content.

So no matter if you’re looking for heart-pounding tracks for Fortnite battles or serene melodies to pair with Animal Crossing, there are tons of different genres for you to explore in the search for your perfect soundtrack.

Examples of the types of major games that creators can't use the background music from in gaming content.

Match the music from the biggest games

The world of gaming features some iconic soundtracks. Anyone who’s spent time playing Skyrim will instantly recognise the epic orchestration of Dragonborn. While the soothing melody of Zelda’s Lullaby will have gamers reminiscing about quests in Hyrule. Soundtracking your video with music that echoes the feel of a game will transport viewers into your world.

The problem is, using music from your favorite games could lead to copyright issues for your videos. Which is where copyright-free music libraries come in. They allow you to find epic cinematic tracks you can pair with Skyrim gameplay, or explore playlists of fantasy music to accompany Zelda walk-throughs. 

Uppbeat has tons of great features designed to help creators like you find music to suit the mood of their content. Our catalog team tags every single track, meaning you get the perfect selection of tracks every time you search. Which is perfect when you’re trying to match up with the vibe of a popular game!

Examples of gaming moments that can be soundtracked by background music for gamers.

Soundtrack your gaming moments

The right music can turn an ordinary in-game moment into an unforgettable one. After all, gaming can be an emotional roller-coaster and there’s no better way to match those in-game highs and lows than with music.

So have viewers celebrating a big win with an uplifting EDM track. Find a dramatic soundtrack to build intensity ahead of an all-or-nothing boss fight. Or why not follow in the footsteps of Fortnite gamer TG Plays, who ramps up the tension in battle videos by adding atmospheric trap beats.

Using music to create those emotional cues is a tactic used by content creators all the time. Which is why Uppbeat makes it super easy to find music to match the mood of your gaming moments with dedicated playlists covering every emotion you want your audience to experience.

Examples of action-based and scary games that creators can soundtrack with gaming music.

Use music to heighten gaming action and scares

Great gameplay has the power to bring audiences to the edge of their seats. And just like how Hollywood blockbusters use music to amplify action sequences or jump scares, you can use your soundtrack to get viewers even more invested in your gaming content.

Take for example adrenaline-fuelled battle scenes. Finding an energizing soundtrack or battle-inspired music will get people fired up for the action to come. Similarly, seeking out creepy tracks will have your audience on edge during scary sequences or while you’re escaping the undead.

You can find the perfect background music to get pulses racing by exploring specially-curated collections of music on Uppbeat. Discover entire playlists dedicated to different moods and themes, and see how music can intensify the action in your content.

Examples of fantasy and adventure games that creators can soundtrack with gaming music.

Soundtrack epic journeys with fantasy & adventure tracks

If fantastical quests and far-flung lands are your thing, finding the right music can completely transform your video. Minecraft YouTuber LDShadowLady is a great example, cleverly using fantasy-themed classical music to give her content a magical makeover. 

So why not try enriching your Skyrim explorations with grand cinematic music. Or find the perfect quirky tunes to pair with cutesy Animal Crossing walk-throughs. Whatever your adventure, you’ll be able to find a soundtrack to match by exploring playlists hand-selected by our dedicated catalog team.

Examples of retro arcade and racing games that creators can soundtrack with gaming music.

Find the right genre for any game

The world of gaming might be vast, but you can always find a music genre to match a game’s vibe and evoke certain feelings in your viewers. Consider how classic 8bit tracks immediately give your content a truly retro gaming vibe. Or how tommyinnit uses quirky music to give his streams a distinctive fantasy feel.

If you think about what genres of music you typically hear in the games you’re playing, you may well land on your signature sound. And once you pin down the musical genres you need, find them easily on Uppbeat with its easy-to-use search function and clear homepage.

Finding music for gaming content: Your FAQs answered

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Hopefully you have a good idea of how to find the best music for your gaming content, but you might still have questions. We’ve rounded-up the most frequently asked and answered them below:

How do YouTubers and Twitch streamers play copyrighted music?

The big thing to remember is you need permission to use music in your videos. You might sometimes hear copyrighted music on popular YouTube videos and Twitch streams, and it may well be they have the rights to use this music.

But if they don’t have permission to use certain tracks, they run the risk of losing monetization or having their content taken down. It’s simply not worth it, so stay on the safe side and make sure you’re downloading copyright-free music you’re allowed to use in your content.

Can you play copyrighted music on streaming platforms like Twitch and Kick?

In short, not without permission. Some of the biggest streamers like Pokimane and Summit1g have had their channels banned after using copyrighted music in their streams.

The way to avoid getting copyright issues is to get permission to use the tracks you’re using. And the easiest way to do that is through copyright-free music libraries like Uppbeat.

Can I use in-game music in my content?

You can’t use in-game music in your content without permission because music featured in games is subject to copyright. This means you’ll need the copyright holder's permission to use these tracks in YouTube videos, Twitch streams, or anywhere else. And if you don’t have this permission, you’ll need to mute the in-game music in your content.

The easiest way to get permission to use music in your videos is to download tracks from a copyright-free music library like Uppbeat.

What is the best background music for gaming?

There’s a whole world of different genres out there to suit every type of gaming creator. First off, you’ll want to find music to fit the vibe of what you’re creating.

But you’ll also need to be aware you can’t just use the same tracks that feature on the game you’re playing. Make sure you avoid pesky copyright claims by downloading music that’s safe to use in your content from royalty-free music platforms like Uppbeat.

Where can I download gaming music?

When it comes to downloading music for your content, you have options. The main thing is to make sure the music you’re downloading is safe to use in your videos. To make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of the best free music websites for creators.

But if you’re not quite sure what you’re after, why not try out Uppbeat’s AI Playlist Generator. Ask it a simple prompt and you’ll have a whole playlist of hand-picked tracks you can start downloading for free. Why not start by asking for soundtrack suggestions based on your favorite game and see what it comes up with?

Use music from Uppbeat to boss your gaming content

Images of content creators that are happy because they've found the ideal gaming music for their content.

When it comes to gaming content, picking the right soundtrack can help set the right vibe and put your audience at the heart of the action. And just as there are tons of different games out there, there’s an entire galaxy of gaming soundtracks to choose from too.

But finding the right music doesn’t need to be as challenging as taking down the final boss. Uppbeat has ready-made collections for you to explore, no matter what type of gamer you are. So whether you’re about to embark on a Twitch marathon, or just showing off your Cities: Skylines creations, head to Uppbeat and unlock a world of copyright-free tracks for your next gaming video.

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