The 8 best royalty-free Christmas music playlists for content creators in 2023

Sprinkle festive magic on your videos with the best copyright-free Christmas music.

Shane McKenna
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Christmas is a magical time, particularly when it comes to iconic video content. From Home Alone and Die Hard, through to the Coca-Cola trucks and Logan Paul’s Santa Diss Track, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year for sparking inspiration. Which is why creators are on the hunt for the best royalty-free Christmas music.

Finding the right festive soundtrack can give your videos a light dusting of Yuletide joy. And you don’t even need to bring Michael Bublé out of hibernation to find a huge variety of music to choose from. But sifting through endless websites to find the perfect track can be time-consuming.

At Uppbeat, we’ve got into the spirit of the season by gifting you a selection box of festive playlists, featuring the best royalty-free Christmas music and sound effects in the world. From well-loved classics to modern takes on festive sounds, you can find the perfect soundtrack for your Christmas content right here.

Where to download free Christmas music

Representation of different playlists of copyright-free Christmas music

Have a rummage in Uppbeat’s stocking to discover hand-picked festive delights and playlists featuring the best copyright-free Christmas music that you can download now. Go the traditional route and pick out one of the classics, or find yourself a left field selection that still evokes the festive spirit.

1. Uppbeat Xmas Favorites

As Christmassy as Rudolph sobbing to the ending of It’s A Wonderful Life with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk! We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of the most magical festive music to give your videos a gravy boat full of seasonal cheer.

Check out our favourite festive sounds and start downloading free tracks.

Visit the Uppbeat Xmas Favourites playlist

2. Lofi Christmas

Make the perfect cozy festive content for snuggling up on the sofa and over-indulging on eggnog. Check out our laid back lofi treats to pair with Christmas recipes and unboxing gifts round an open fire.

Discover the best lofi beats to download for your festive content.

Visit the Lofi Christmas playlist

3. Big Jolly Beats

It’s the biggest party season of the year so dig out your most hideous jumper and cut some shapes on the dancefloor! Our big, bold and bouncy collection of hip hop beats, electro-pop firecrackers, and all-out festive bangers can help get the party started too.

Give your festive videos a party vibe and download royalty-free Christmas music.

Visit the Big Jolly Beats playlist

4. Vlogmas

Put your unique spin on a Christmas countdown and entertain your audience with daily vlogs right up until the big day. You never need to use the same track twice with our playlist of festive hip hop and Christmas beats.

Listen to our selection of copyright-free festive beats, available to download for free.

Visit the Vlogmas playlist

5. Holiday Magic

Embrace the wonder of the season with a sackful of yuletide treats and familiar festive melodies. Perfect for giving content a sprinkle of Christmas magic during this most wonderful time of year.

Make your festive videos extra magical with Christmas tracks available to download.

Visit the Holiday Magic playlist

6. Jazz Christmas

There's nothing better than cosying up inside, pulling on a Christmas jumper and basking in the warmth of an open fire. Give your holiday videos a similarly comforting vibe with our selection of smooth jazz licks and Christmassy grooves.

Discover our best festive jazz music to download for your festive videos.

Visit the Jazz Christmas playlist

7. Cozy Winter Beats

One way to beat the Winter blues is by staying inside and creating awesome videos. We've selected the best laid-back beats and lofi chillhop to give your content warm, cozy vibes. As comforting as wrapping up in a big old blanket!

Listen to our collection of cozy lofi beats to download and use in wintery content.

Visit the Cozy Winter Beats playlist

8. Heartfelt Holidays

Explore our collection of sentimental songs and heartwarming melodies that beautifully capture the magic and togetherness of the holiday season. The perfect accompaniment for sharing moments and making memories with family and friends.

Give your videos a sentimental soundtrack and download our most evocative Christmas music.

Visit the Heartfelt Holidays playlist

Christmas sound effects

Like placing a star on top of the tree, videos are even better with those extra finishing touches. Look no further than Uppbeat’s top festive sound effects, featuring everything from sleigh bells and belly laughs, to the crackle of a fire and footsteps in the snow.

Sprinkle some festive magic on your videos by downloading our Christmassy sound effects.

Visit Uppbeat's Festive Sound Kit

Can you use any song in your festive content? Royalty-free Christmas music explained

Before you’ve even started filming your festive videos, you’ll likely have an idea of what music is going to give it the ideal Christmas vibe. But it’s important to remember that you can’t just use any song in your video. You need to have permission from the rightsholder first.

While All I Want For Christmas Is You would instantly give your video a festive feel, no-one wants to get on the wrong side of Mariah Carey and her copyright lawyers! That’s why you’ll want to find a copyright-free track for your video so you don’t run the risk of legal issues.

Your best bet for finding tracks safe to use in your Christmas content is to head to a copyright-free music library like Uppbeat. Here you’ll find a huge collection of awesome festive playlists and sound effects.

Sprinkle some Christmas magic on your videos

An illustration of a selection box containing different Uppbeat copyright-free music artists

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the excitement of Christmas. Whatever your particular niche on Youtube, there’s almost certainly a way you can create a festive special for your viewers.

Like being faced with a box full of Christmas cookies, there’s such a variety in the types of Christmas videos you could be making. Whatever you’re creating, Uppbeat’s got you covered with an equally diverse selection of royalty-free festive music.

You can check out more of our Christmas music and download tracks from our festive collections without worrying about copyright claims. Don’t think of it as a Christmas miracle, it’s simply our gift to you!

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