23 simple gaming video ideas to level up your content in 2024

Power-up your gaming channel with easy content ideas to inspire your next video.

Sandy Beeson
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Struggling to come up with gaming video ideas and starting to feel like you're stuck on a particularly fiendish level? We know the feeling. Which is why we’ve assembled a power pack of easy content ideas for gamers that’ll help inspire your next hit video.

Just think of this list as a cheat code, full of fresh video ideas to help power-up your content. So no matter whether you’re exploring the vast worlds of Starfield, or going head-to-head with friends on Fortnite, read on to discover a world of gaming video ideas.

Let gameplay take center stage

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Put viewers into the heart of the action by centering your content around the gameplay itself. It’s a great way to demonstrate your skills, show viewers you’re a gaming expert, and tap into huge ready-made audiences eager to watch people take on their favorite games. 

Don’t believe us? YouTube royalty PewDiePie grew into one of the biggest creators on the planet off the back of his gaming content!

1. Show off your skills with Let’s Play videos

When you’re playing your favorite games, you might as well split-screen your reactions and share the action with your viewers too. It’s a route taken by some of the world’s biggest YouTubers like Markiplier and jacksepticeye. And by making content based on the games you enjoy, you’ll soon build a community of like-minded fans who enjoy the same games as you.


The best thing about building your own community? By asking your followers what they want to see from your videos, they’ll give you a constant stream of fresh gaming video ideas for your channel.

2. Guide viewers with walkthroughs and tutorials

Gaming can be hard! We’ve all turned to YouTube for help when struggling to beat a certain level. So if you know how to complete notoriously fiendish levels, finish games on the hardest difficulty, or secure a coveted 100% completion, why not share that knowledge with your audience? Not only will walkthroughs show off your expertise, you’ll also become a go-to channel for other gamers looking for pointers.

3. Review the best and worst gaming mods

The gaming community is teeming with mods for everything from The SIms to Fallout 4. They can range from ingenious hacks and cool character makeovers, right through to the downright ridiculous. Because who wouldn’t want to be stalked by Thomas The Tank Engine in Resident Evil 2?

Testing out the best and worst mods, and showing people how to access them, will give you a regular source of content. MxR has built a dedicated community of gamers who come to see his verdicts on mods for Skyrim, Starfield and more.

4. Revisit classic games

Everyone has their favorite games from way back when, so tap into this nostalgia by revisiting some golden oldies. Why not try and complete a much-loved title like GoldenEye 007? Or revisit iconic arcade classics like Pac-Man or Street Fighter.

Some of the most popular games from years gone by have huge audiences that love to reminisce over them. Classic Game Room is a great example of a YouTube channel tapping into these super-engaged communities by reviewing classic games as though they’ve just been released.

5. Share handy gameplay tips and tricks

Show off your expert knowledge by sharing in-game secrets, slick strategies, and hidden Easter eggs with your audience. It gives viewers valuable advice to improve their gameplay, helping you build a community of savvy gamers who subscribe to your channel so they don’t miss out on your golden nuggets and gaming tips.

Challenge yourself and others

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Bring viewers to the edge of their seats by creating exciting challenges and tense head-to-heads with other gamers. By adding a competitive element to your videos, you’ll keep people hooked for longer as they’ll want to see if you come out on top.


Algorithms love videos that keep people watching for longer. So if viewers are invested in gripping gameplay and watching until the end, platforms like YouTube and TikTok will reward your content by showing it to more people.

6. Take on extreme gaming challenges

Whether it's a high-difficulty run or a quirky custom challenge, set yourself an ultimate gaming test to showcase your skills and endurance. You’ll have viewers gripped throughout and you could even challenge them to beat your record. Why not try to go as far as The Completionist, and set out to fully complete every game you play!

7. Get creative with gaming challenges

Already beaten your favorite game the ‘normal’ way? Get creative and make your gaming challenges even trickier by setting yourself unusual rules.

Unique stunts like completing a pacifist run by not killing any enemies can provide entertaining and unexpected content. Call Me Kevin tries to find the most ridiculous gaming challenges to take on, like playing Among Us as a completely honest imposter.

8. Collaborate with other gamers

There’s nothing better than gaming with friends, so why not feature them in your content? Team up with fellow gamers or influencers for collaborative challenges, in-depth discussions, or straight up head-to-head battles. Remember that partnering up with other YouTubers can help grow each other’s audiences, so be sure to make an appearance on their channels too.

9. Set records with speedrunning

Up the ante by looking to complete challenges, levels or even entire games in the fastest time possible. There’s an entire community out there dedicated to achieving the fastest speedruns and even online sleuths who uncover speedrunning phonies. So if you back yourself, see if you can smash records on the likes of Super Mario Odyssey or Cuphead.

Dig deeper into game lore

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A big part of gaming is getting lost in entire worlds of beloved characters and game lore. And if the thought of geeking out about gaming or going deep into theories excites you, there’s almost certainly a ready-made audience out there just ready to watch your content.

10. Character deep dives

Iconic characters from video games have huge fan followings, sometimes growing even bigger than the games themselves. One way to tap into this super fandom is by profiling some of the most loved characters across the gaming multiverse.

You can analyze their narratives, dive into backstories, and discuss their significance in the game world. A great example is VaatiVidya in-depth exploration into the lore of games like Elden Ring and Dark Souls, giving fans an even greater insight into their favorite characters.

11. Lore explorations

Lots of gamers love to get deep into the intricate lore of expansive game worlds. Help them to understand the full depth of their favorite titles with enlightening explainers and analysis. Some YouTubers even go as far as explaining the complete story, like My name is Byf’s epic four hour timeline of Destiny.

12. Discuss fan theories

Where there’s game lore, there will always be fan theories. From the wild and ridiculous to theories on unsolved game mysteries, there are plenty of myths to be debunked out there. So join the conversation and share your take. What’s great is you can invite your viewers to challenge your theories and share their own views too, opening up lots of possible follow-up content.

13. Explore the history of gaming

If there are games you especially love, why not create your own mini-documentaries exploring how they came about and what inspired their creation. Or you could take a look at whole genres of games and how they evolved over time, like Ahoy does with their retro gaming docs

By using your deep gaming knowledge to educate your audience, you’ll become a go-to channel for viewers looking to learn more. Which makes people more likely to hit the subscribe button so they don’t miss your next invaluable lesson.

React to the latest gaming news

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There’s nothing more exciting than the latest big release dropping, so make sure you’re at the forefront of gaming news. You could cover the entire gaming industry and the hardware giants, right down to individual games developers and franchises. And by offering your take on the latest developments, you’ll position yourself as an expert whose views are worth subscribing to.

14. Share the latest gaming news

Providing regular updates on gaming news will show viewers you’re on top of the latest developments in the industry. From new releases and surprise announcements to industry shake-ups, make your channel the first place people go to find out what’s happening in the world of gaming.

15. Provide an analytical take on gaming news

Reporting on the latest gaming news is one thing, but breaking it down and giving your own take can help foster your own community of engaged gaming fans. Give them a reason to keep coming back to your channel by consistently sharing your expert insights.

YongYea is a great example of a creator that’s become a voice in the gaming community by analyzing the latest updates and rumors. So follow their lead and try providing a more in-depth look at what’s happening behind the scenes in the gaming world.

16. Post your reaction videos

Capture your authentic reactions to game trailers, funny in-game incidents, or terrifying jump scares. CoryxKenshin does this really well, showing viewers his genuine response to playing games for the first time. 

These videos will give your audience an idea of what games are about, and whether they’re worth playing. But more importantly, showing your genuine reactions will build a human connection with your audience that’ll have people coming back to your channel.

17. Share in-depth game reviews

You know what it’s like when a new game comes out and you hunt down all the reviews you can find. Everyone loves seeing a fresh verdict of a game so they can get pumped for playing it themselves!

Give people what they want with detailed critiques on the gameplay, graphics, and unique features of the latest games. You could also encourage debate with your audience by asking people for their verdict in the comments.

18. Review gaming hardware

Venture beyond the games themselves and review the latest gaming tech, from VR headsets to custom controllers. Join the likes of Austin Evans in becoming a trusted voice when it comes to the latest gadgets and consoles, helping your fellow gamers to make more informed decisions on what kit to buy.


Fancy a freebie? As your audience grows, there’s every chance you could capture the attention of hardware giants who might give you the latest tech to review in your videos.

19. Cover gaming events

Take your viewers on the road by vlogging from gaming conventions, launch events, or eSports tournaments. By sharing your firsthand experiences, interviews, and event coverage, you’ll give viewers a peek behind the scenes and capture the excitement of being there with you.

Show people your gaming world

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The best creators give viewers an authentic look into their lives and showcase their personality. There are tons of ways you can create captivating gaming content that shows viewers the real you. While it might feel more daunting than simply sharing your gameplay, showing your face is a great way to build a deeper connection with your audience.

20. Unbox and review merchandise

Delve into gaming culture by unboxing and reviewing merchandise, collectibles, or limited-edition releases. Tons of gamers love watching the excitement of creators like Lamarr Wilson as he unboxes the latest gaming gear.

Not only do you share the excitement of getting brand new merch, your honest opinions can help viewers find worthwhile gaming swag too. And if you build a big enough audience, you might even get the latest merch sent out to you for free!

21. Take viewers behind the scenes

Let people glimpse into your world by giving them a tour of your gaming setup. Talk through your equipment and explain how you built it up over time to inspire your viewers to do the same. You could even ask them for tips on what you could upgrade next.

22. Count down your Top 10s

Everyone loves a list, so why not compile your Top 10 of everything from favorite gaming moments and worst villains, to the toughest challenges and most underrated games.

TheGamer shows the limitless options there are for coming up with your own Top 10 gaming lists. Not only are they entertaining, but a controversial list can also spark a healthy debate in the comments.

23. Share your funny gaming moments

Tickle viewers' funny bones by diving into the humorous side of gaming. We’ve all had absurd moments with glitches or nonsensical gameplay, so why not share it with your audience to make them chuckle too. Fitz has built an entire channel around ridiculous gameplay moments, but these gaming blooper reels can also make great one-off videos too.

Challenge yourself to create awesome gaming content

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The world of gaming is vast and varied. Whether you’re starting out as a creator or just looking for fresh ideas, there’s a ton of video ideas for gaming content you can explore. So share your firsthand gaming experiences, offer opinions on the latest releases with your audience, or simply show off your knowledge of popular titles.

Why not challenge yourself to create something you’ve never done before for your next video. We’d love to hear about what you’ve come up with over on the Uppbeat Discord server. And if you want to find the perfect soundtrack for your video, head over to our guide to the best gaming music for creators.

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