24 faceless YouTube channel ideas to create awesome content without showing your face

Find inspiration in our list of faceless YouTube channel ideas that don't require you getting in front of a camera.

Sandy Beeson
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Excited by the idea of becoming a YouTuber but nervous about showing your face in your content? You're not alone. YouTube promises riches and success, simply by making awesome content. And while being in front of the camera isn’t for everyone, there are tons of awesome faceless YouTube channel ideas you can try out instead.

Just look at the huge followings built up by the likes of Dream or That Little Puff and you’ll see becoming a faceless YouTuber can pay off in a big way. What’s more important to YouTube’s global audience is being able to watch great videos, however you choose to present them.

Which is why we’ve put together this list of 24 faceless YouTube channel ideas, to help you find the right format for creating unmissable content. Whatever your reasons for protecting your anonymity, you’ll find different approaches to suit the type of creator you are. All without having to show your face or speak on camera!

What exactly are faceless YouTube channels?

Image of a creator whose face is covered in front of different examples of faceless YouTube channels.

A faceless YouTube channel is exactly as the name suggests, a channel uploading videos which don’t feature the creator’s face. The reasons for this can vary, from wanting to protect your anonymity right through to simply not feeling comfortable speaking on camera. We get it, it’s not for everyone!

Faceless videos creatively use voice overs, animations, or attention-grabbing footage instead of having someone presenting. Being anonymous allows you to focus on the quality of the content and storytelling, without worrying about how you look on camera.


The production quality of faceless YouTube channels is that much more important without having a presenter. Find your ideal background music and sound effects that make your footage pop by exploring Uppbeat’s library of copyright-free music and clips.

Even though a faceless YouTube channel is less about sharing your personality with others, you can still build a loyal community. Reach out to your audience through comments and social media. You’ll find it’s possible to make a human connection with viewers, even without showing your face.

Educate viewers by sharing your own experiences

Examples of educational faceless YouTube videos, including a science experiment and language lessons.

One popular reason people watch YouTube videos is to learn new topics or find answers to questions. If you can break down subjects into easily digestible videos, you’ll find there’s an audience for pretty much anything on YouTube. Build a reputation for being a fountain of knowledge and viewers will keep flocking back to your channel.

1. Provide classes on your specialist subject 🤓

If you have a subject you know a lot about, why not share your expertise on YouTube? There are different approaches you can take. Kurzgesagt help to distill complex philosophical topics into easy to digest videos with super engaging animations and crystal clear scripts. 

If you’re on a smaller budget, take The Organic Chemistry Tutor’s approach with simple screen share videos. Either format is just as effective, as long as they’re clearly structured and scripted in an entertaining way.

2. Help viewers reach their financial goals

Personal finance is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. If you’re able to simplify complicated concepts and explain how people can boost their finances, you’ll find a big audience. 

Creating clear, easy-to-follow videos is the key when breaking down tricky topics. All it takes is a simple whiteboard animation like Chris Invests, with illustrations bringing a potentially dry subject to life. Or if you’re comfortable talking around a subject, why not use stock footage to accompany your voiceover like Practical Wisdom do. The winning formula is content that’s clear and engaging at the same time.

3. Teach budding linguists a new language 🌎

Picking up a new language is always helpful, whether you’re looking to become fluent or just learning a few key phrases. So share your bi-lingual expertise with bite-size lessons people can dip in and out of.

As language is the most important part of the content, you’ll want to provide a voiceover. But you can play around with different visuals to create fun videos people enjoy watching right through. Like Learn English with Jessica whose eye-catching animations visualize the concepts in her videos, helping viewers to learn new words while keeping them engaged.

4. Reveal the wonders of the universe through science experiments

Science experiments often hit the sweet spot between entertainment and learning. Channels like Fun Science and Mr. Hacker rack up millions of views for their videos featuring experiments using everyday household items. 

It’s a format that’ll intrigue people enough to click on your video, before keeping them hooked to the end to find out what happens. Make sure your setup shows the action clearly and you’ll naturally have viewers interested to see how the experiment works out.

5. Unleash your inner Michael Moore and make a mini-documentary

Got an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject or fancy yourself as a budding journalist? Why not try covering a topic using the longer-form documentary format. There are limitless subjects to cover and while production is important, viewers are more likely to keep watching if the content itself is strong.

Just check out Vox and their wide range of super interesting documentaries featuring stock footage and graphics to bring subjects to life. Or keep things as simple as Jago Hazzard with his video about London buses using self-shot footage. The common thread is that they both keep viewers engaged with super strong scripts.

Showcase your creativity and build a community of fans

Examples of creative faceless YouTube channel ideas, including drawing and playing music.

YouTube is a hotbed of creativity, making it the perfect place to share your artistic endeavors with a worldwide audience of like-minded people. It’s provided a launchpad for artists, musicians and filmmakers who’ve been able to connect directly with fans who love their art.

Before you know it, you can build a community of eager subscribers ready to engage with every upload. And you never know, some of them could turn into potential collaborators to connect and share ideas with too.

6. Create cartoon characters as beloved as Mickey Mouse ✍️

Who doesn’t love cartoons? If you can combine art and storytelling, you’ll have the power to create videos people can’t help but watch. You never know where it might take you either with YouTube the perfect platform to showcase your animation skills. 

Simon's Cat started off as a one-off experiment, but has grown to a channel with millions of subscribers and a full range of merch thanks to its lovably relatable characters. By sharing your own animated stories on YouTube, you might just create something as beloved as The Simpsons or Looney Tunes.

7. Mesmerize viewers with captivating time-lapse videos

Time-lapse videos not only look cool, they encourage viewers to watch all the way through so they see the final result. It can be a big boost to your average view duration, which in turn helps show YouTube’s algorithm your content is worth sharing to more people.

Once you have the right setup, you can repeat the process for every video and create a channel with a consistent look. Just take a look at Marcello Barenghi’s hyper realistic drawing reveals or Boxlapse and their time lapse videos of plants growing. Both channels have created highly engaging concepts which are easy to repeat.

8. Find the fanbase your musical talents deserve

A quick look at the most subscribed YouTube channels is all it takes to see music is one of the most popular niches. A faceless channel gives you the perfect platform to showcase your own musical abilities.

Take a leaf out of Japanese band Yorushika’s book and share your original compositions with eye-catching anime visuals or stop-motion animations. Or you could share cover versions of well-known music like talented pianist Rousseau whose performances only show their hands. Let your musical talent be the focus of your videos and find a creative way to visualize your tracks.

9. Stun your audience with the natural beauty of the world around us 🌺

People love the escapism of watching exotic locations on YouTube. And you don’t need to get in front of the camera to show off the best bits of a holiday destination!

Nomadic Ambience has created a channel that turns this concept into relaxing ASMR videos, with 4k footage of walks around the work featuring natural sounds. The trick is to let your footage do the hard work by capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them hooked with stunning scenery.

Brighten people’s day with entertaining content

Examples of entertaining faceless YouTube channel ideas, including magic tricks and ASMR videos.

Keep people coming back to your channel with entertaining content they can’t get enough of. It’s a category of content which immediately brings to mind big name YouTubers like Mr Beast or Airrack. But as these examples show, you don’t need a loud on-screen presence to keep viewers entertained.

10. Host a debate on your own video podcast

There are over 500 million podcast listeners worldwide, with video podcasts becoming more and more popular on YouTube. While you might immediately think of video podcasts featuring clips of presenters in a studio, that’s not the only route you can go down.

Alt Shift X use stock footage to accompany their podcast’s deep dive into the lore of popular TV programs and films. But you can just as easily use a holding graphic throughout the video like Be. Busta does with his scary stories podcast. Whichever way you go, capturing engaging audio people want to listen to all the way through is what’s going to make or break your channel.

11. Spook your audience with spine-tingling horror stories 🧛‍♀️

Fancy yourself as a spooky story-teller? Loads of people head to YouTube to get their fix of creepy content with YouTubers like Mr. Nightmare narrating mysterious tales that keep viewers gripped.

At its core, captivating your audience hinges on good old-fashioned story-telling. Master the art of weaving engaging tales, and you'll hold your viewers spellbound. Once you have a narrative, pair it with eye-catching visuals to increase the scare factor.

12. Share your reviews of the latest page-turners and classic novels

Starting a new book can be a commitment. Often people want to see whether a book is worth investing time into before they dive in. If you’re a bookworm, why not share reviews of your latest reads and help people make their mind up.

It can be as simple as setting up a microphone to record your opinions, before pairing your audio with appropriate footage. This way you’ll create an immersive video that places the viewer at the heart of what the book’s about. Take FightMediocrity’s thought-provoking critiques of non-fiction books as an example where stock footage helps to elevate the review and hold the viewer’s attention.

13. Wow audiences with spell-binding magic tricks and illusions 🪄

Let’s be real, everyone loves a magic trick! And if you have the skills to show off a sleight of hand, why wouldn’t you want to show it off?

There are YouTube magicians who break down how to perform tricks, like 52Kards with his simply shot tutorials. Or you could use the same setup to wow your viewers with entirely new illusions. Just like watching magic in person, the promise of watching something unbelievable will be enough to convince viewers to click on your videos.

14. Give people goosebumps with ASMR content

Considering the term ASMR was coined by a YouTuber, it’s no surprise people flock to the platform to enjoy the relaxing sensory experience ASMR provides. Clearly you’ll need quality audio equipment for ASMR content. But once you’re set up, there are tons of different avenues you could go down.

People will come for the relaxing auditory experience, but what sets the best apart is their use of interesting items. For instance, asmr zeitgeist creates a signature look with bright and vibrant objects, while YT Object zooms in on everyday artifacts. Just make sure your camera is focused on whatever’s making that super satisfying sound to pique your viewers’ interest.

Share self-help tips and help your viewers live their best life

Examples of helpful faceless YouTube channel ideas, including recipes and meditation videos.

Becoming a go-to channel for people seeking help is one of the most effective ways to build your own community on YouTube. Sharing advice and guidance is not only incredibly rewarding, it’s also a great way to build an engaged audience who’ll keep coming back to your channel. Explore different ways to inspire and motivate your viewers without getting in front of a camera.

15. Inspire healthy living through fitness sessions and yoga classes 🧘

Keeping fit and healthy is a universal goal, and people are always looking for easy workouts they can do at home. If you can provide a fitness routine with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, it doesn’t matter if you’re in front of the camera or not.

Fitness channel SUPER HEALTHY FIT manages this trick of offering viewers straightforward regimes by using simple animations that demonstrate each exercise. But even if you don’t have animation expertise, you can find stock footage or even draw simple diagrams which give people the direction they need.

16. Create zen vibes with meditation and mindfulness sessions

Many people turn to YouTube to unwind, searching for guided meditations to relax and relieve stress. Headspace is one of the many channels providing mindfulness walkthroughs that are easy to listen to when relaxing.

What Headspace and others do so well is to keep the focus on the meditation with visuals that don’t distract the audience. After all, the visuals are less important than a soothing voice giving relaxing instructions. Some carefully chosen footage or a simple looping animation is ideal for complementing your guided meditation.

17. Share mouth-watering recipes and genius kitchen secrets

Show off your culinary prowess and share recipes for people to follow at home. It’s perfectly possible to demonstrate the right techniques and showcase fresh ingredients without having to show your face.

In fact, one of the biggest cooking channels Tasty features hundreds of quick, delicious-looking recipes as well as kitchen hacks for food enthusiasts. Tasty neatly demonstrate that if the food looks mouth-watering, you can almost guarantee people will watch all the way through.

18. Help viewers master their home makeover with DIY tips 🛠️

We can all relate to those pesky DIY jobs where you feel like you need an expert guiding you along. Why not fill that role and show people step-by-step videos for getting things done around the house. GARDEN TIPS is a great example of a channel that films each step and provides a clear voiceover people can follow.

19. Share time-saving life hacks and pro tips

Give people the gift of time with priceless hacks to make their lives easier. Simple, snappy videos are all it takes to show people those invaluable everyday tips. Just look at how 5-Minute Crafts share their quick explainer videos neatly showing life hacks. The idea is the hacks are so simple to follow, all you need to watch is a quick demonstration and you’ll want to try it yourself.

Share your hobbies with a like-minded audience

Examples of faceless YouTube channel ideas around hobbies, including gaming content and videos starring pets.

YouTube is a place where people go to switch off and watch whatever interests them. When you consider the huge range of pursuits and pastimes they might have, you’ll get an idea of the limitless possibilities for channel concepts.

By tapping into the topics viewers are most passionate about, you’ll find they’re more likely to interact with your videos. Before you know it, you’ll have built a community of like-minded fans who all share the same interests you do.

20. Show off your gaming skills with walkthroughs 🎮

Gaming is big business on YouTube. Creator goliaths like PewDiePie and Kai Cenat started out by sharing walkthroughs and gameplays. They’ve shown it’s easy to make a connection with your audience through the shared experience of gaming.

Because people want to watch the game action itself, there’s no reason to ever show your face. Just look at Dream who’s gained over 30 million subscribers with screen records of his Minecraft gameplay. This also conveniently solves one of the biggest hurdles with faceless channels, you already have ready-made visuals to use in your videos!

21. Unbox and review products old and new

How many times have you headed to YouTube to get the lowdown on a new piece of tech? Or looked for a review on a gadget you’re looking to buy? You’re not alone, with unboxing channels proving extremely popular.

There are plenty of details you can showcase if you’re not comfortable speaking on camera too. With creative editing, creators like TheRelaxingEnd offer in-depth analysis of products featuring just their hands. They also make great use of YouTube’s chapters feature, allowing viewers to jump to the parts they most want to see. 

22. Take your viewers on tours of unmissable travel destinations

The beauty of filming while traveling is your viewers want to see the destinations themselves rather than someone presenting to them. And you don’t even have to travel far yourself, with viewers just as likely to enjoy an engaging video showcasing local landmarks.

Solo Solo Travel regularly gets views in the millions for videos capturing travels through stunning scenery. The key here is they’ve shot tons of captivating footage which keeps viewers wanting to watch more. Nail this and you too can take people along as you explore new places.

23. Let cuddly critters and furry friends take center stage 🐈

You might not want to star in your videos, but there may well be a budding star of the screen living under your roof. Videos featuring pets are always popular with the many millions of animal lovers on YouTube, and there are creative ways to feature your furry friends.

Take Maymo as an example of a channel starring pets taking part in silly stories. Or look at That Little Puff, the cat who road-tests life hacks. By inserting your beloved pets into the video, you’re giving your audience the opportunity to fall in love with them just as much as you have!

24. Do something you’re passionate about and find fellow enthusiasts

However you love filling your spare time, there’s a good chance loads of people are equally passionate about doing the same. Tap into those ready-made communities and create content showcasing your favorite hobbies, no matter how niche it is.

TD BRICKS takes his love of Lego and turns it into a creative vehicle for telling stories and educating his many fans. The audience are initially hooked by their shared love of Lego, but stick around and subscribe thanks to the quality of the content. Go ahead and do the same by showing off your collections, giving crafty how-tos, or diving deep into the lore of your favorite TV series.

Find a faceless format that works for your YouTube channel

Examples of different types of faceless YouTube channel ideas.

Whatever your reason for not wanting to show your face on camera, don’t let it stop you launching your own YouTube channel and exploring creative ways to make videos. Massive channels like Vox and Tasty show you can rack up millions of views with faceless content. 

You just need to find a format that works for you. Success hinges on crafting videos which captivate and keep your viewers interested from start to finish. You’ll soon find it doesn’t matter if you don’t feature on screen. 

As our list shows, there are limitless possibilities to explore, from step-by-step tutorials right through to stunning travel guides. And if you’re still looking for inspiration, delve into our list of 61 YouTube video ideas and find the ideal concept to kick off your creator journey.

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