The best royalty-free Halloween music to avoid copyright scares in 2023

Add extra fear factor to your creepy content with the best royalty-free Halloween music on Uppbeat.

Shane McKenna
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Nights are getting longer and the spooky season’s here. So it’s time for creepy content to fill your audience with fear. If you want to ramp up the horror and give viewers goosebumps, finding the perfect royalty-free Halloween music is the way to go.

After all, a good horror movie isn't complete without a suspenseful soundtrack. And your Halloween videos deserve the eerie mood-setting music too. Choosing haunting tracks and sinister sound effects can take the scare factor to another level.

Go ahead and channel the iconic dance moves of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, or recreate spine-tingling scenes from classic Hitchcock horror flicks. 

But where do you find royalty-free Halloween music that’ll chase the copyright ghouls away? We’ve brought together the creepiest collections from Uppbeat’s catalog so you can find your ideal jumps, bumps and scary soundtracks.

Selection of royalty-free Halloween music playlists available to download on Uppbeat.

Explore royalty-free Halloween music for creepy content 🎃

Fear not for Uppbeat has conjured a cauldron bubbling with the finest royalty-free Halloween music for videos. No matter what level of horror you’re aiming for, our spell-binding collection promises to add the right touch of eeriness.

Beastly Beats

A fang-tastic collection of dark & monstrous beats for devilish creators looking to intensify the suspense of their blood-curdling horror content.

Beastly Beats

Check out monstrous beats to add to horror content.

Visit the Beastly Beats playlist

Hollywood Horror

Bring big-screen scare tactics to your videos, with John Carpenter-esque Halloween horror music & the spook-tastic fantasy tracks beloved by Tim Burton.

Hollywood Horror

Download haunting Hollywood-inspired soundtracks.

Visit the Hollywood Horror playlist

Spooky Antics!

A devilish collection of mischievous melodies and comical beats for playful prank videos and ghoulish trick or treat content.

Spooky Antics

Mischievous music for cheeky Halloween content.

Visit the Spooky Antics playlist

80s Dystopia

Time warp your supernatural content with this retro jukebox inspired by Stranger Things synths and eerie Vangelis scores.

80s Dystopia

Discover 80s-inspired sci-fi horror soundtracks.

Visit the 80s Dystopia playlist


Plunge viewers into a dark and stylish underworld of bone-chilling trap beats and glitchy nightmares.


Explore a dark collection of haunting beats.

Visit the Trick-or-Trap playlist

Haunted Atmospheres

An unsettling collection of ambient music and eerie atmospheres for crafting terrifying horror content that’ll have your audience hiding behind cushions.

Haunted Atmospheres

Explore eerie tracks to unsettle your viewers.

Visit the Haunted Atmospheres playlist

Discover devilish sound effects on Uppbeat 👻

Send shivers down your audience's spine with Uppbeat's wicked assortment of royalty-free Halloween sound effects. Dive into timeless horror movie voiceovers, bone-chillingly atmospheric sound effects, and many more eerie essentials.

Halloween Sound Kit

We’ve rounded up all the essential Halloween sound effects in one place so you can get your audience’s hearts pounding. Delve into a goody bag of our creators’ favorite horror sounds for spooky pranks, creepy scenes and downright scary content.

Halloween Sound Kit

Discover essential Halloween sound effects for creators.

Visit the Halloween Sound Kit

Bumps & Jumps

Scare the bejesus out of your audience with this shock-tastic collection of jump scares, door slams and horror stabs. Featuring classic horror sound effects used in the most frightening Hollywood films.

Bumps & Jumps

Download jump scare and horror stab sound effects.

Visit the Bumps & Jumps playlist

The Haunted Mansion

Conjure the ominous ambience of a haunted mansion for your videos. Tiptoe through the eerie sounds including creepy creaks, haunting room tones and the blood-curdling howl of a werewolf.

The Haunted Mansion

Listen to the sounds of a haunted mansion.

Visit The Haunted Mansion playlist

Freaky Phrases

Dracula, witches and zombies have joined us in the sound booth to bring you this freaky selection of famous horror laughs and haunting movie phrases. Perfect for adding the classic horror voices to your content.

Freaky Phrases

Check out the scariest Halloween voice clips.

Visit the Freaky Phrases playlist

Remember that the ever-present specter of copyright infringement looms over creators posting their Halloween content. So, while "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas might set the perfect tone, dancing with Jack Skellington's copyright lawyers? Not so fun.

That’s why downloading copyright-free music that’s safe to use in your videos is important. So save yourself a fright and explore Uppbeat’s scarily good royalty-free music.

Find your spooky soundtrack with royalty-free Halloween music on Uppbeat

Content creator happy that they have download royalty-free Halloween music from Uppbeat.

When it comes to frightening your audience, music has the power to ramp up the tension. And whatever your brand of horror, Uppbeat has a scary soundtrack to match.

Unnerve your viewers with a creepy ambient track, or bring big screen horror vibes with music inspired by Hollywood. And don’t forget to heighten your jump scenes and scary reveals with our hand-selected Halloween sound effects. 

Whatever you’re concocting, discover the sounds of Halloween on Uppbeat and avoid those pesky copyright scares

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