Uppbeat on Discord: Join the Discord server for content creators

Connect with like-minded content creators and help to shape the future of Uppbeat by joining our Discord server.

Lewis Foster
Image to accompany article introducing the Uppbeat server on Discord.

One of the great things about being a content creator is getting inspired by people on the same journey as you. Which is why we’ve launched a Discord server to bring together Uppbeat’s army of creators.

It’s a collaborative space where you can bounce ideas around, share your latest video creations and seek opinions from your fellow creators. And because we want to empower you to create the best content you possibly can, we’ve put together this guide on how to get the most out of the Uppbeat Discord server.

Join the Uppbeat community

Image of cartoon character content creators joining Uppbeat on Discord.

Getting started couldn’t be easier! Simply head to Discord, enter your details and start exploring the server. We’d recommend having a read of the Welcome channel and introducing yourself first, before diving into the other sections. 

Once you’re set up, join the conversation with hundreds of other content creators over in General Chat. You can ask for editing tips, gauge people’s opinions on the latest creator news, or simply spread some positivity. It’s an open forum to share whatever you like.

And in the spirit of sharing, why not show the community your latest creations in the Share Your Content channel. It’s a great way of getting feedback for your edits, or simply showing off the creative ways you’ve used music downloaded from Uppbeat!

Stay on top of the latest Uppbeat news

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We’re always looking at ways to evolve Uppbeat with brand new music, awesome sound effects and fresh features being added all the time. If you want to stay on top of the very latest upgrades and improvements, you’ll want to head to the Uppbeat News channels.

Want to be the first to hear about new additions to the Uppbeat catalog? The New Music and SFX channel is dedicated to announcing the latest artists, sound effects, and entire collections of music designed to make your life easier. 

Or you can check out the new Uppbeat features and regular community updates by heading to the Uppbeat Announcements channel. Keep an eye out for upgrades to the Uppbeat platform and see how they can streamline your creative process.

Shape the future of Uppbeat and tell us what you want to see!

Cartoon of content creator characters communicating through the Uppbeat server on Discord.

We want you to see Uppbeat as your go-to destination for streamlining your creative flow. So if you’ve got ideas for how we can improve, we want to hear them. Drop your ideas for ways we can upgrade Uppbeat in the Feature Requests channel and play a part in making the platform work better for you.

Maybe you’re happy with the platform but can’t find the music and sound effects you’re looking for? Drop some suggestions in the Music And SFX Requests channel. And for any other great ideas for how we can improve Uppbeat, the General Feedback channel is the place to go.

Join the conversation and connect with other creators

Cartoon content creators using the different functions of the Uppbeat server on Discord.

If you like the idea of making connections with like-minded creators and potential collaborators, the Uppbeat Discord server is the place for you. 

Not only are you joining an invaluable network of creative minds, you’re also helping to shape the future of Uppbeat too. So help to make your life easier by sharing your ideas for how we can make the platform better.

Plus, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of the latest Uppbeat updates. You’ll be among the first to hear about new features, as well as exclusive content from our artists and creator community. All you need to do is sign up for Discord and get involved!

And if you’re looking for pointers on how to find the perfect music and sound effects for your videos, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to make the most of Uppbeat.

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