December 2023 Community Update: Streamline your creative flow

Discover features that'll streamline your creative process and some new additions to the Uppbeat catalog.

Lewis Foster
Photo of Cody Wanner, host of the Uppbeat December 2023 Community Update.

Hit play on the latest community update from Uppbeat as Cody takes you through new features that’ll speed up your creative process. Discover how we’ve revamped the search on Uppbeat, and take a look at the improved Help Center. Plus, you’ll hear about exciting new artists and trending genres across the Uppbeat catalog.

Join the conversation over on the Uppbeat Discord server and connect with other content creators around the world. You can share your content, shout about your favorite artists, or even tell us what new feature you’d like to see next!

Don't forget to check out Cloudchord’s vibrant collection of sun-flecked chillhop beats. And if you’re still searching for your perfect festive soundtrack, we’ve got you covered with tons of awesome Christmas music to suit all kinds of creators.

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