Get to know All Good Folks

YouTuber Cody Wanner discovers the challenges shared by creators and musicians in his interview with one of Uppbeat’s top artists.

Shane McKenna

All Good Folks have been part of the Uppbeat family from day one. So when we rediscovered a 2019 interview they filmed in collaboration with Uppbeat’s sister company Music Vine, we saw an opportunity. 

We wanted to check in with Benji, Murray and Adam from the London-based collective to dig deeper into what songwriting and production looks like for them. And hear what goes into crafting the great copyright-free music you hear on Uppbeat.

So we asked our brand ambassador and YouTuber Cody Wanner to sit down with the trio. What he found were more similarities between their creative processes than he’d first realized. 

Watch the full interview to discover their life-changing career moments, how creating music involves overcoming fear, and the joy found in seeing a project through to completion.

Take a look back at the archive video, when Benji opened up to Music Vine about the creative process behind All Good Folks. You’ll also hear how he chooses to focus on himself over results, creating music that’s a rebellion against self-doubt.

At Uppbeat, we’re committed to building a community of the most talented musicians on the planet. It’s part of our mission to bring together a catalog of high quality music and sound effects, giving creators of all levels the tools to elevate their creativity. 

Being music lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of compensating artists fairly for their art. That means they get paid every single time a member of our global community of creators downloads their music. It’s a unique approach that sets us apart in the eyes of wonderful musicians like All Good Folks.

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