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Lewis Foster

Welcome to the Uppbeat blog, the new essential resource for creators everywhere! Whether you want to steal Mr Beast’s YouTube crown or take on TikTok titans like Charli D’Amelio, the Uppbeat blog is all about helping you take your content to the next level.

Get started with our all-important guides to becoming a bona fide content creator, or learn from the latest trends to fast-track your subscriber count from zilch to the zillions.

What do you want to see from the Uppbeat blog? Share your ideas with us using the form further down the page, we want to hear them!

The blog for creators 👋

Across YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and everywhere else, content creators are shaping the world. Social media gives everyone a platform and their own shot at stardom.

That’s why the Uppbeat blog is all about helping you on the path to creator greatness! You can mine the blog for those vital nuggets of wisdom that will elevate your videos, punctuate your podcasts, and have you creating content gold.

So whatever your calling and however unique your niche, the Uppbeat blog is for you. Learn from your fellow creators and inspire others with content that makes the world take notice.

Uppbeat is already empowering creators everywhere with the best, free copyright-free music. This blog is just the next stage of our mission to give everyone the freedom to create!

Over a million YouTubers, streamers, TikTokers and other social media creators come to Uppbeat to soundtrack their content.

Unmissable advice for making great content 🏆

Spare time can be like gold dust for content creators. You’re coming up with video ideas, shooting, editing, finding awesome music; and that’s all before hitting upload on your next banger. There are barely enough hours in the day!

That’s why the Uppbeat blog is all about giving you actionable advice and genuinely helpful articles that can inspire your creative process and grow your channel like crazy.

Check out practical guides filled with handy ideas to help improve your content. Get essential information for starting out on new platforms. And discover how the latest trends can help you level up your channel and grow your audience.

You’ll find all the essential information to take your content to the next level and get you on the road to becoming the next global superstar!

Guides 💡

Being a creator involves spinning lots of different plates. Sometimes all you need are simple answers and easy-to-find information. That’s why we’ve spoken with our community of creators to produce the ultimate guides to common questions they have.

Everything from top tips to turbo boost your YouTube channel, to expert advice for standing out among 2.5 million Twitch users, and viral hacks from the billion TikTokers taking over the world.

Want to make awesome videos and share them with the world? Dive right in with our Ultimate Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel.

Wondering what kind of music you can safely use in videos? Check out our super simple guide to royalty-free and copyright-free music.

Discover the best free music for your videos on Uppbeat. Browse our hand-picked catalog of copyright-free music and download right away with a free account.

Stand still and you’ll get left behind! That’s why the best creators are always looking to evolve. With millions of channels vying for audience’s attention and trying out new ideas, you’ve got to stay on top of what viewers want.

That’s where we come in! We’ll be analyzing the best content, finding the hottest sounds and sharing the latest trends to keep your content fresh.

Lift the lid on top tips and hush-hush content hacks with exclusive insights from our creator community. And dive into the data behind Uppbeat to discover how other creators get the best out of our artists’ music.

Come to us for exclusive insights into what’s sending shockwaves through the creator space and help your channel stay ahead of the curve.

Keep your finger on the pulse and check out Uppbeat’s Trending playlist to discover fresh tracks creators are loving right now!

Uppbeat News 🎉

The creator space is constantly evolving with new trends, platforms and features emerging. Who knows where we’ll be in the next year or so? Well, we have a pretty good idea, but we have to keep some things on the down-low!

All we will say for now is that there are a lot of exciting updates lined up for Uppbeat over the coming months. As well as giving you the tools to add real wow-factor to your content, we’ll also be sharing Uppbeat news and exciting announcements right here on the blog.

Plus, we’re planning some awesome opportunities for you to get your hands on the latest tech and gear for creators. So keep your eyes out for new posts and make sure you don’t miss out on our upcoming competitions and prize giveaways.

Help shape the Uppbeat blog! 🤗

The Uppbeat blog is for creators like you, so here’s hoping it hits the sweet spot and you’re loving the sound of everything so far! But, if you have any ideas or recommendations for articles or content that you’d love to see on the Uppbeat blog, we wanna hear them!

Simply fill out our quick form below and share your suggestions. And yes, we do read them all! So play your part in growing the Uppbeat blog into the go-to resource for creators just like you.

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