About 'more license options'

The vast majority of the music you hear on Uppbeat is also available on our sister website, Music Vine. Music Vine provides a broader and more specific set of licensing options for those with larger-scale or specialist requirements. 

When do I need a license from Music Vine? 

The Uppbeat Business subscription plan caters for organisations of any scale, and covers content (including paid advertising) being published online or via 'open distribution platforms' (e.g YouTube, TikTok, social media platforms, Patreon etc). However, the Uppbeat Business plan doesn't cover things like broadcast advertising, event usage or film releases etc. For those types of productions, Music Vine provides an array of straightforward and competitively-priced licenses as well as a Custom License service to give you exactly the coverage you need. 

How do I view additional license options?

Music Vine commercial licenses are available for the vast majority of the music on Uppbeat. Simply hover over any track on the site and you'll see a menu icon at the end of its row - click this to reveal the option to view 'more license options.' This will take you to the track's page on our sister platform, Music Vine, where you can get a commercial license for your project right away.