Empowering Creators.

What is Uppbeat? 👋

Uppbeat is a music platform built especially for content creators featuring the world’s hottest indie artists and beatmakers. But our mission runs deeper than that. 

We’re building a community that supports creators, giving them the tools to make awesome content. At the same time, we’re providing a platform for our talented roster of independent musicians and giving them a fair income too. Because we believe in empowering creativity of all forms.

Why we made the Uppbeat blog 🦸

If you’re a content creator looking to up your game and improve your content, you’re in the right place. We’re on a mission to provide creators like you with a valuable free resource full of priceless tips and the latest trends.

It’s why we tirelessly scour the internet looking for the very best insights. Because our aim is to support you on your creator journey in the hope that one day when you receive your YouTube Play Button, we can pretend we played a small part.

How can Uppbeat help creators like you? 🤝

We’re a small but mighty team at Uppbeat, packed full of brilliant ideas and expert knowledge. Our blog taps into the combined expertise of the entire Uppbeat family. It condenses tons of experience and YouTube knowledge (we were there when Casey Neistat was daily vlogging!)  into easy-to-read guides and snapshots of the latest creator trends. So who exactly contributes to the Uppbeat blog? Read on to find out a little bit more about its authors:

Lewis Foster - Uppbeat CEO

Lewis was there at the very beginning as one of Uppbeat’s co-founders! He brings a decade’s experience building innovative music licensing platforms, as well as a background in sound production and writing music. He’s as passionate about hiking as he is about the perfect blend of design and UX. And you might just catch him zipping along on his electric unicycle as he heads to Uppbeat Towers.

Shane McKenna - A&R Manager

Heading up our super-talented Catalog team, Shane brings well over a decade’s experience in music and audio production. Before joining Uppbeat, Shane was a prolific music and SFX composer for TV programs, films and commercials. He’s an OG follower of The Blindboy Podcast and has a deep love for folk, punk and country music.

Jamie Chambers - SFX Lead

SFX guru Jamie has almost single-handedly built the Uppbeat sound effects catalog from scratch. Using his 10+ years experience in sound effect production and music, he sources the very best sounds for our creators to use. While he typically tunes into true crime podcasts and horror soundtracks, he’s not averse to playing some sad girl pop music through the Uppbeat office speakers.

Sandy Beeson - Copywriter & Content Specialist

Our music-loving copywriter has over a decade of experience creating award-winning video content and writing across multiple platforms. Sandy has worked on everything from international mental health campaigns to Premier League kit launch videos. He loves wasting a few hours in the Babish Culinary Universe on YouTube and stubbornly insists that The Beatles are under-rated.

What goes into the Uppbeat blog? 🤓

We want to give you the best advice for making great content. And while we know a thing or two ourselves, we also put a ton of research into each and every blog post. It’s all part of our commitment to empowering you in becoming the best creator you can be.

So how do we do that? Well first of all, we draw on the unique insights we get from 1.5 million creators using Uppbeat to find their ideal soundtracks. So if we’re telling you which genres are trending, we know what we’re talking about!

But we also commit thousands of hours each year researching the most accurate, up-to-date information to help you on your creator journey. We dive into the depths of YouTube’s small print and road test every creative feature on TikTok to give you completely accurate advice. And crucially, we make it easy to understand too.

If you want go deep down the rabbit hole of how we put the Uppbeat blog together, you can jump to the sections below:

Ultimately though, we want to help you elevate your content and streamline your creative flow. It’s the mantra that runs through our catalog of high quality copyright-free music too. So if you haven’t already checked Uppbeat out, dive in and discover the best collection of music and sound effects for creators like you!

How do we decide what to write about? 💭

We want to empower creators like you to make awesome content, grow your audience, and achieve whatever goals you have. Which is why we need to get inside the minds of creators and find out the burning questions they need answers to.

You might wonder how we do that when there are literally millions of creators out there, scattered across so many different platforms and niches. There are a few ways we uncover the essential topics you need to learn, including:

👂 Listening to what our creators are talking about on Uppbeat’s Discord server

🗞 Following the latest news across the creator space so that we know which upcoming changes will affect creators

📊 Diving into search data from Google to find out what creators are asking

Our whole approach is inspired by giving you what you need, using that same search data to prioritize the content that’s going to make the biggest difference. So if you’ve found one of our articles helpful, you’re not alone.

What research goes into the blog? 🔬

When you land on the Uppbeat blog, it’s important that the information you get is completely reliable, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to rely on it helping your reach your goals. Which is why we commit hours researching everything you need to know and leaving no stone unturned.

Take deciphering YouTube Help or TikTok’s Help Center as an example. Anyone who’s spent time trawling their endless pages knows how confusing they can be, and we often get frustrated at how unclear they are. Which is why we make a point of seeking out invaluable information and presenting it in a way that actually makes sense.

But that’s not all. We’ll pore over mountains of data to pinpoint the download habits of our 1.5 million creators and identify the latest trends as they happen. And we fact check every piece of advice and information on the Uppbeat Blog, so we can say with confidence that you’ll find the exact information you need to make you a better creator.

How we bring the blog to life! 🤟

We’re here to help creators big and small, whether you’re just starting out or already have hordes of followers. And no matter how experienced you are, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with helpful information that’s easy to understand. 

It’s why we comb over the TikTok smallprint and break down complicated YouTube topics, to help you find what’s going to take your channel to the next level. And we hunt down examples of how the best creators approach their content so you can see there’s nothing stopping you from aiming to reach the same standard.

And don’t think we’re handing over blog writing duties to AI any time soon. We know that a lot of blogs simply fire up ChatGPT and think that’ll do, but we still believe we’re more plugged in to creator trends than their outdated knowledge allows them to be.

Above all, we want to give you a helping hand to make your TikTok videos go viral, grow your YouTube audience and become the best creator you can be.